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A Romantic Goa Wedding of Abhishek & Reema Flashed Beautifully By CoolBluez Photography

Neha Garg, 07 Oct 2015

It's incredible how someone suddenly walks into your life & turns it around completely,

It's overwhelming when your love becomes the most important factor in life,

It's beautiful how you start perceiving life as a couple instead of an individual!

Reema & Abhishek had a pure arranged marriage, but I am sure, you will feel the opposite after looking at their amazing pictures. They look so comfortable, cozy, madly in love and everything else with each other. You will see a lot of craziness in the pictures clicked by Surpreet and her team at Coolbluez.

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And don't forget to notice the Groom's Sherwani at the engagement and bride's attire & that beautiful necklace she wore on her wedding day, studded with diamonds and other pearls. And yes, that vintage car is already added to my goal list hahaha.

Pre-Wedding Shoot


This looks like a romantic scene from a movie, so surreal!

12038314_1026995590665489_3730443853163284426_n                12038159_1026995407332174_1775422881277968764_n

 Pool Party

12096613_1029050890459959_8625380587714867788_n        12112194_1029050420460006_5791788590711701665_n

12105969_1029050187126696_773395302814992475_n    12088552_1029051337126581_416862831298024486_n


The Photographer, Surpreet on the couple:  They are a heartwarming couple, full of love and life. I loved shooting the functions at this beautiful location in Goa. Everybody was so cooperative and welcoming. I wish both of them love, laughter and a happily ever after. 

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Engagement Night

12118712_1029054327126282_1172026980762449695_n                                      12119152_1029053940459654_5273576212387553635_n

The Wedding Day


This imperfect place looks 'Just Perfect' for the shoot!


12045676_1026900604008321_3509480472414743012_o         12043058_1026898467341868_9119128836914920041_n

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 12074726_1026930714005310_3556576127083471379_n              11224158_1026900460675002_3150701965002054570_n


The smiling bride with her beautiful bridesmaid!

12063840_1026906544007727_1926657796271759686_n      12087981_1026904937341221_1166225980951778671_n

12038008_1026938067337908_7608991627289231695_n                                    12096097_1026925694005812_7895276872091351624_n

 Photographer: Coolbluez Photography

Wedding Venue: Ramada Caravela Beach Resort Goa

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Shaadisaga wishes that marriage fills their heart with love and joy!