A Classical, Romantic Wedding Of Our Punjabi Kudi, Neha With Vinit

Neha Garg, 30 Apr 2015

Our Bride: Neha (Dentist)

Our Groom: Vinit (Dentist)

Wedding Date: 10th February, 2015

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Love Story

Our Punjabi Kudi, Neha fell in love with a Gujrati doctor, Vinit, during their work training in AIIMS. Neha is a pure-delhite & Vinit is from Gujarat, they two met in the year 2011, and love blossomed from there. Within a year of relationship they told the news to their respective parents. Vinit’s parents were a little not in favor of the relationship, but later they accepted Neha happily with all of their heart.





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The Proposal Story

You will be surprised to know, that in this story, our bride, Neha proposed to the love of her life, Vinit. To your expectations, the proposal wasn’t very fancy. It didn’t have any roses, gifts, candlelight dinners or ring, but two people madly in love, seeing into each other’s eyes. Neha popped up the question, and a yes could clearly be seen in Vinit’s eyes.

Neha says, “Vinit is a very shy person, I knew he would never propose to me or maybe would take an eternity, so I did”.



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Neha (Our Bride) on the Photographer: Ashmeet is a very talented & full of creativity. I am very very happy with his work. He is so friendly and made me feel very comfortable during my wedding functions. The photos have come to be very naturally & beautiful, depicting my feelings clearly.

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 Shaadisaga wishes this wonderful couple a very happy and blessed life!