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9 Photo Ideas For Grooms Who Like To Keep It Real

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 14 Dec 2017

We are tired of seeing grooms getting clicked the same old way—giving the maharaja pose, with a pretentious smile, showing all their masculinity. It is time to come out of them and freeze your precious moments with some less familiar ones. Tell your photographer to capture you at your real and let them be included in your wedding album. After all, that's what will make you smile even after you see them 10 years down the line. 

Here are some of our favourite pictures we came across on the internet for the grooms!

#1 Caught being the real tanker

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#2 You now know getting married isn't a cake walk!

#3 Men too feel ticklish! *that expression though*

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#4 Too excited to be booked forever or just too scared?

#5 While doing the new husband duties! Are you ready to bow down to your boss baby?

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#6 *Steal a kiss* Voila! Some unparalleled memories created

#7 Bros before the bride? *Be Cautious*

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#8 One with your paw-cuddler

#9 All set to get my princess

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Aren't these just too cute, literally? Let us know in the comments below!