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8 Cute and Fun Ways To Incorporate Balloons In Your Wedding!

Sanchita Kalra, 09 Jun 2017

If you think that balloons are meant for children's birthday parties, then you're in for a surprise today.

Big bouncy balloons definitely scream party and fun but did you know you can include them in your wedding too? From being synonymous to birthday parties, they're now slowly making their way to weddings and let's admit that we're completely obsessed with them! *Goodbye adulting*

So, if you're on the hunt for reasonably priced items to jazz up your decor and wedding photos, balloons are an incredible addition to your big day! Plus, they're a great alternative to flowers too!

Right from including them in your pre-wedding shoot to your happy ever after (read: vidaai car), we've put together all the creative and unique ways you can make balloons a part of your wedding celebrations!

#1 Make your pre-wedding shoots more vibrant and fun with colourful balloons

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#2 Use a soft coloured balloon to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids! So affordable and easy!

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#3 You can also add balloons to signboards at the venue to quirk it up!

#4 If you take chair decor very seriously, tie some balloons in the same shades of your decor

#4 Take your family photos to another level by using colourful helium balloons!

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#5 How about having a balloon baraat that looks like a floating cloud?

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#6 Tying balloons on your Just Married car because decorating it with flowers is so passé

#7 Don't like the big round balloons? Go for the alphabetical ones. LOVE and BRIDE letters are hot right now!

#8 Or throw in some big round and letter balloons both if you're having a pool party!

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Will you go for balloons in your wedding decor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!