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7 Unique & Creative Wedding Invitation Wordings you must have a look at

Nikita Roy, 18 Jun 2015

Selecting wedding invitations is a major factor in the wedding planning process as everybody would want to send heartfelt Wedding Invitations to invite their loved ones to their D day. Many lookout for a wedding invitation card which is completely unique and special in their own way but they find it difficult. We believe that ideal wedding invitation wordings should reflect your wedding style or how you are as a couple, light-hearted or deeply romantic. But if you are finding it incredibly complex to craft an invitation that looks superb and at the same time provides guests with the information they need, then fret not as you are at the right place.

We have come up with some examples of unique wedding invitation wordings to get your creativity flowing as we know that many couples would want to create a bespoke wedding invitation that would compliment their style and yes, we also believe that it’s the best idea to create something as one of a kind as your love is. So here is a list of invites for your inspiration!

Tell your story!

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People would be awestruck after reading your fairy tale!  Below is the example so that you can dream up your own fairy tale wording for the invite.

He proposed to her on bended Knee, he asked "Will you travel through life with me?"
Name (She) Said "Yes!" to Name (He)
You are invited to share in their joy on {Date} {Venue}

For those who love music

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If you would like to showcase your love for music that represents the two of you and wants to capture that special something that makes your relationship stand out uniquely then you must go for this invite.

The harmony of love meets with the melody of life to create our beautiful love song
Please join us to celebrate the wedding of {Name and Name} On {Date} {Venue}

Special Attention To The Guests

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The write up will highlight how important your friends and relatives are there in our life!

We cherish the roles you play in our lives and would be honored if you would join us as we enter into the journey of marriage
{Name} and {Name} will tie the knot on {Date} and {Venue}

Love Recipe Invitation

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The main goal is to get guests excited about your wedding affair! We are sure that this wedding invitation will garner loads of attention.

There is a famous recipe for love and the ingredients are easy to remember:
2 hearts full of love, 2 heaping cups of kindness, 2 cups of joy and friendship, 2 big hearts of togetherness
What’s the preparation method? Nothing more simple:
Stir daily with happiness, humor and patience, serve with warmth and compassion as well as respect and loyalty
And here’s this recipe’s secret: you need to add a lifetime of togetherness and bake… With a wedding ceremony!
You are invited to share this tasty love recipe on {date} at {time}, {address}
And for the feast to last longer, the ceremony will be followed by a delicious meal at {Venue}
{Name} and {Name}

Be Funny and Humorous

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Are you the one who would like to throw in some humor, then below are some write-ups for your inspiration. This wedding invite will round up a slew of guests to help you celebrate.

A criminal justice twists, perhaps? Partners in Crime, Sentenced to LIFE. Save the Date or miss out on the Best Wedding Ever!
{Date}, {Venue}. {RSVP}
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For those who are Friends–turned-lovers

This invite is ideal for the ones who are friends turned lovers and below is the sample one for you so that you can get inspired to write the invite that will fit your style.

We’ve been the best buddies since the day we met and are super excited to commit to being best buddies forever.
We love each other very much and want you to rejoice with us in our celebration of love, friendship and commitment.
{Date} and {Venue}

Simple yet classy wedding cards

Last but not the least in our list is the simple wedding card for those who love the marriage of traditional and unconventional.

Destiny brought us together & love will seal our bond forever. Fantasies do come true!
We are getting married! The pleasure of your company to our wedding event on {Date} and {Venue}

Bookmark this article so that it’s easier for you to decide your wedding invitation wordings which will speak your wedding theme and your personalities.