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7 Creative Ideas For A Fun-Filled Sleepover With Your Bridesmaids!

Tanya Baisoya, 18 Oct 2019

A sleepover with your girlfriends is all you need before any sort of anxiety hits you! And, especially when your wedding is just a few days away, a night full of laughter, fun games, movie marathon and some revelations are exactly what you need with your bridesmaids. So, let’s put all your wedding madness behind and plan some sweet and creative vibe ideas to make your sleepover before your marriage a memorable one! Here are 7 things that you must do to set goals for a sleepover with bridesmaids, for every bride-to-be.

Things You Must Do On Your Sleepover With Your Girls Before You Get Hitched!

Survival Kit For The Bride!

You are the closest bunch to the bride, and of course, you know the things your bff can not stay without! So, start the sleepover by gifting her the much-needed survival kit, things that she will always use and remember you guys. You can also make your gifts packaged in a way that they are insta-worthy! From the Rosé to her favourite skincare products, don’t forget to add everything she adores in the bag!

It Is All About The Robes

What is a slumber night without you and your bridesmaids in similar and fancy robes? You do not want to get clicked in random pyjamas, after all, it is not any other night. So, be choosy and colour coordinate with your girls to look all girly and fun in your photos! Oh, and just to make it more exciting, you can for once ditch the cliche lingerie labels, and get personalised robes for you and your bridesmaids.

Movie Marathon

Say bye to your jitters by watching the best rom-coms ever on your slumber party! No, this is not a night meant for watching horror movies that will give you nightmares, it is a night for Sex And The City! Watch movies that fill your heart with excitement, and makes your night with your girlfriends an exciting one. 

Sweet & Crazy Games 

This is the night to play some crazy games that make you reveal secrets that even your girlfriends were unaware about. Bachelorette Bingo is one of our favourites, a card with a grid pattern with a set of fun dares for the bride and her besties. 

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Glam Eye Masks!

We are all in for funky and cute eye masks on your sleepover with your girls! Cupcakes, eye masks and a pyjama party go hand in hand, so you know you cannot miss out on this one. Plum Pretty Sugar, is one such place where you can get cutest of eye masks!

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Squad Goals & Pictures!

A hen party without loads of photos in your squad goals t-shirts with your bridesmaids is a big NO! So, make these tees a souvenir and the night an unforgettable one by coordinating in style! Etsy can be your one-stop place for getting all these cute things for your night.

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Goodie Goodie 

You cannot say bye to your bridesmaids without giving them the goodie bag full of gifts they love! You know they definitely deserve this, and no matter how old we get, shiny and colourfully wrapped gifts still get all of us excited!   


What are your plans for your slumber party with your bridesmaids? Tell us in comments!