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6 Things Every Bride Must Do to Impress Her Mother-in-law

Veethi Telang, 16 Oct 2015

Can Mother-in-Laws make life hell? Only on daily soaps, only on daily soaps. Rest assured, in real life, MILs are sweeter than you’d ever imagine. But, if yours is a little hard to impress, perhaps, we could be of some help. You see, it’s a general tendency of MILs to feel as if the new bride is trying to encroach on their property – the property, in this case, being the son. Whether or not you may agree, it’s a common thought. They won’t show it, of course, but, it’s given. So, as the newest member of the family, it’s your duty to make her feel relaxed and comfortable. With just a few tricks, you could make her to like you instantly. Here we go with 6 essential tips for you to become her favorite person in the clan:

Put her concerns for her son before yours


GIF Source: tumblr Following up on the primal thought that a mother knows what’s best for her son, it’s imperative that you heed her concerns for her son without implicating yours. Tell her often that you’re going to give your best towards making things easy for her son, and take care of him whole-heartedly (which, of course you’re going to, but mum-in-laws like to hear that often). This way, you establish the thought that not only does the MIL hold higher stakes here, but also that you will go to great lengths to keep her happy.

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Make her feel important


GIF Source: timber Let’s avoid the biggest cliché of all times, shall we? No. Just because her son got married to you doesn’t make you the only important woman in his life hereafter. Her mother is the first and the most significant lady in his life, and the sooner you make peace with this fact, the happier you will be. That said, involve her in your life decisions as a couple, and tell her that her opinion matters. It’s okay if you don’t want to follow her instructions to the T, but the fact that you regularly seek advice from her is enough to make her feel that she has not been forgotten.

Be extra-nice to your husband in front of her


GIF Source: tumblr Had a major fight with the husband? Suck it up for a while, and let it rest in the backseat. For as long as you two are in front of your MIL, the last thing she wants to see is you treating her son as – how do I put this lightly –weed.It’s essential for her to see that she chose the perfect bride for her son, and you treating him wrong repeatedly wouldn’t really help you in any case now, would it? So, put up a good face in front of her, showering your endless love for your husband, and once you two are all by yourselves, resume that fight! Oh, yeah. Showcase yourself as a family-oriented person. GIF 4

GIF Source: popxo One of the best pieces of advice I got from my mother was to never make my in-laws realize that I might “whisk their son away someday”. You get the drift, don’t you? Say, you have a younger brother. Would you ever want his would-be wife to create a scenario, wherein, both of them totally abandon your parents? So, visit your in-laws frequently in case you’re living away from them, for this will reinstate the belief in your MIL’s mind that family matters to you a lot, and you wouldn’t give it up for anything in this world. You may also like, 20 Best & Famous Female Photographers Who Have Changed The Face Of Wedding Photography

Suggest, don’t criticize


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GIF Source: tumblr Here comes the tricky part! It’s only natural to have a difference in opinion with another person in this world. With MILs, it’s a little more frustrating that usual because, well, you can’t lose your cool, can you? So, whenever you don’t like something she may have done or is about to do, make sure you don’t go ballistic over it, or worse, involve the husband in it. Whilst keeping him away from this squabble, use nicer, better words to put your point across in front of your MIL instead of criticizing her on her ways. Believe it or not, MILs remember things. Might not bode well for you in the future.

Keep in regular touch with her


GIF Source: tumblr Lastly, hang out often with her. Enjoy some MIL-DIL time by catching up for movies, salon appointments, cooking together, or simply spending quality time at home. It’s a great way to open up to her and make her realize that, with you there by her side, she’s got a daughter and a friend. If you two hit it off, it’s only going to make life easier for you, isn’t it? What do you think of the tips above? Got your two cents to chip in? Share them with us in the comments below.