6 Mistakes to Avoid While buying your Bridal Jewellery

Shivani Malhotra, 24 Mar 2018

How jittery do brides get when they shop jewellery before their bridal outfit? Oops! Some of you might have already commited this mistake but, for the new brides in making we won't let you commit this crime (just kidding)! We won't let you fall for some common yet silly mistakes. When wedding time is on our heads; sometimes having no clarity of what to buy and what not to buy makes the situation worse. In some cases, no prior planning leads to blunders. 

To ease out your way, we reached out to one of the best in town jewellery expert, Ra Abta by Rahul and they told us some of the most common mistakes brides' solemnly make while buying jewellery and it's time they stop. 

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#1 Most Important: Avoid buying Jewellery before Lehenga

Buying jewellery before the outfit will put you under pressure of matching it with the outfit and will make you compromise on choices. So, to be on the safer side first buy the bridal outfit and ask the shopkeeper for an extra swatch of it. Carrying that swatch while buying jewellery will make it easier for you.

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#2 Not Paying Attention to the detailing of the Bridal outfit

While being on the hunt for bridal jewellery, we should always keep in mind about the detailing on our outfit. Whether it’s beadwork, thread work, zari, embroidery, colours, shades or patterns, always having a clear picture of your outfit will help in picking out the right jewellery for your overall ‘Appearance’.

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#3 Do Not Overlap sets

Be wise while making the right choice of the necklace which will be apt according to your neckline. Overlapping sets or wrong placements of necklaces can lead to an unpleasant look. It’s always good to approach for the right combination in terms of colour and sizes while layering.

Tip: Pick Jewellery in contrast and not the same colour as your outfit.

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#4 Stop Idolizing Pictures

Just in case it’s an ongoing trend it’s not necessary that it will fall under your tree. For eg. The matha pattis are quite in these days, everybody must have seen them on every other Bollywood celebrity right? While choosing for own good we should keep our forehead, our features in mind to carry them well off! While mathapattis.

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#5 Don’t Go Overboard with sizes of Earrings

Size of earrings should be shortlisted correctly. If a bride is opting for a choker, make a smarter move with earrings. Generally, studs or short jhumkas is better than long earrings.

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#6 Make Sure you’re not picking similar jewellery for different occasions

Different occasions call for different jewellery. It is always advisable for brides to go for different types. For eg. Jadau, Polki or Kundan are always preferred for the wedding and for mehndi can go for Passa or flower/gota jewellery. Temple or Gold jewellery will be appropriate for sangeet or sagan. Diamond Jewellery sounds and looks perfect for the reception.

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Let us know if we missed out on anything? Helpful or not? Do let us know in the comment section below!