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6 Exclusive Back Blouse Designs You Can’t Miss This Wedding Season!

ShaadiSaga, 30 Sep 2016

We spend sleepless nights browsing through the Internet looking for that perfect back design for our blouse that will just add an extra factor to the outfit we are going to wear on our BFF's wedding. Because the more interesting one keeps her back, the more brownie points one wins as a hep friend. But unfortunately, most of us also end up leaving the back design of the blouse in the hands of our masterji, don't we?

Well, you can now say goodbye to sleepless nights because I have done my research and have some exclusive back blouse designs just to help you all out.

Back Blouse Designs You Can Pick From  

#1 Play With Full Sleeves

Full sleeve blouses till a few years ago were an understated piece of cloth but with the sudden influx of experiments (works of sequin, lace, zardosi or simply sheer sleeves), full sleeve blouses have altered the entire ball game in the wedding scene. Our tip: Full sleeves shimmer blouse + Back in deep U cut (and hey, little tassels never hurt)

#2 The Keyhole Cut

If you wish to go backless but you have that fear of taking the plunge, hear my advice and go for the key hole cut blouse design. The cut not only flaunts your sexy back but it also retains that traditional look. Our advice: A keyhole cut + mid sleeve blouse + deep round/diamond cut

#3 The Chinese Collar Cut

Chinese collar cut blouses simply elevate your look to an all new level. You can keep a solid monotone base just the way our bride has done here. The red floral prints on it gives her the perfect touch of a contemporary twist and makes her stand out of the crowd. Our suggestion: Chinese collar back + mid sleeves + pearl buttons

Source Sabyasachi

#4 The Embellished Cut

Anything which has long, mid or half sleeves with embroidery or embellished cuts is bound to make you look beautiful. It totally depends on you how you would want to keep the back cut - deep or semi. Our tip: Mega sleeves blouse + trinkets on sleeves and cut

#5 Do the string thing

String blouses have been in vogue ever since its first inception. An all sequins sleeveless string blouse would be an ideal match for any wedding occasion. Our advice: Sequined sleeveless blouse + criss-cross strings

#6 Go The Strappy Way

This particular style is absolutely in and it’s just perfect for the bold and beautiful you. Yes, it does require to show a bit of skin (just a little) but  if your body shape is toned, who cares. Our suggestion:  Strappy blouse + knot hanging


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