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5 Types Of Guests At Every Wedding That Annoy The Couple

Simran Keswani , 23 Dec 2017

Many couples can’t wait to celebrate their big day with those who matter but, sometimes the guests are so annoying that the couple can’t help but think that their wedding would have been better had they not invited these people.

Read on to know if you're one of those guests who is causing the couple a major eye roll.

#1 Aunties with the unrequested advice


We trust your grey hair for the life experience you have but, please don’t let your negative suggestion put a black cloud on their big day. Just carry a smile on your face and spare the already anxious couple.

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#2 Hogging the photographer


We understand the zeal and enthu you've poured-in to deck-up for this wedding but, just because a professional photographer is here, this is definitely not your chance to make a modelling portfolio for yourself. Yes, if you have forgotten then we wish to remind you that photographer is here to capture the big day of the bride and groom and not your fake candids.

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#3 The uninvited plus ones


Wow! It's your cousin’s wedding but wait she didn’t invite your current flavour of the month? You think it’s a mistake? Well then, you're mistaken. They simply don't know her enough to make her a part of their big day. 

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#4 Entering the bridal suite uninvited


Yes, we understand your curiosity to see the bride and drool over her bridal look but, wait till she is ready. A bridal suite is a place where the bride is supposed to calm her frayed nerves and jitters before the wedding madness takes over and not a parallel ceremonial stage.

P.S. The least you could do is Knock!

#5 Social Media Freak

We all know that one crazy person, who had to cover a breaking news but accidentally landed to the wedding. And before the bride could be seen by her to-be-husband, she is revealed to the world through this social media freak.

We've all been a victim, right? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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