5 Takeaways from Deepika & Ranveer's Wedding Announcement

Medha Chawla, 22 Oct 2018

As soon as Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh announced their wedding on social media, millions of hearts rushed with joy and some of them got crushed hard. The Bollywood's biggest and most loved couple is all set to tie the knot and we obviously can’t help but get drenched in sheer excitement. The rumors of their November wedding had been doing rounds in media from quite a few months. However, it was only yesterday that the couple put rest to any further speculations with an endearing Instagram post.

The wedding is 20 days far and we are yet to get our hands on key details like their wedding venue, outfits and planners, photographers, etc. But being the trendsetters that these two lovelies are, Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding has already started inspiring us. Wondering how? Well, it is their wedding announcement.

That heart-warming Instagram post is hidden with 5 important lessons for your wedding invitation! And we sure, you’d love stealing’em.

1. Go minimal

We have been propelling this from quite a while that minimal is classy! And see, how Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding announcement post is simplistic and minimal yet so damn gorgeous!

2. Invite in ‘First Person’

In Indian wedding invitation cards, it is usually the parents who invite the guests to their son or daughter’s wedding. But Ranveer and Deepika ditched this usual norm and made a self-announcement. We think it is surely a steal-worthy idea, i.e. to send out collective invitations (as a couple) to the guests seeking their blessings and presence.

3. Font matters

The font of your wedding must be in-sync with the kind of wedding you are gonna have and must also complement the couple’s personality. Ranveer and Deepika’s wedding announcement font looks subtle, sophisticated and has a humble appeal! And the undersigned names in that gracious cursive font reflects their passionate love.

4. The content should be endearing

We can’t stop gushing over their cutesy announcement, and the major credit undeniably goes to the thoughtful wording they’ve used. Don’t take your wedding invitation as a mere formality to invite the guests. Choose the right words and add a touch of personalization, so that the recipients can’t stop beaming with joy for your wedding.

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5. Choose the color palette wisely

Who doesn’t want their wedding invitation to look elegant? Well, one sure shot way to do the same is by choosing a nice color tone. #DeepVeer went with the classic combo of Gold & Ivory; just as classic as them. <3


Have you noted these points yet?