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22 Fun & Unique Photos You Should Definitely Get With Your Family Members!

Hitarthi Wadhwa, 17 Jul 2017

Yes, your big day is a few months from now! (Getting jitters already?). But is it just centered about showcasing love with your man? Certainly not! Your fam-bam also comes in priority. While you would have clicked umpteen photos with them already, how about getting the pictures on point one last time before you get hitched?

So, we scooped the Internet and found our favourite poses that you can have with your mother, father, brothers, bridesmaids and nieces!

PS: After getting ready for your function, keep 15-20 mins free for such family photos! <3

#1 With your mother

Bye bye tears and emotions. Get happy shots with your mum (and even massi!) while you're getting ready or entering the venue. Even better to throw in some props!

#2 With your father

Irrespective of you marrying your prince charming, you will always be daddy's little princess. Pose while you're dancing (or vice-versa), walk down the aisle holding his hands or ask him to carry you in his arms just how he got you home when you were born!

#3 With your brother

Brothers and booze, go hand in hand. So, pose with alcohol or just go kissing and holding hands of your partner in crime. 

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#4 With your sister and bridesmaids

Whether you've just one or a bunch of girlfriends, hugs and kisses are the best way to get pictures with them. 

#5 With your nieces and nephews

Well, aren't they just the cutest part of your wedding?

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Do you have such family pictures to share with us? Send them at [email protected] and we'll get in touch with you!