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21 Lust-Worthy Engagement Rings To Seal The Deal! (Plus Where To Buy Them From)

Sanchita Kalra, 24 Feb 2017

You have accomplished the easier-said-than-done part of getting married - picking your life partner. Now all that's remaining is to add a little sparkle (or a big rock!) on your finger to seal the deal. Plus, all the ceremonies of your wedding will last for a single day but a ring on your finger will stay with you forever and ever, and that should not be less than dazzling. So, we scooped a bit and found huge solitaires to stack rings and bands to some quirky designs and colours for your engagement, we have everything for every kind of bride! 

Solitaires for brides who want add a bit of glamour factor

Emerald cut celestial diamond ring

Round celestial diamong ring

Getting Married?

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Lustre solitaire ring | Buy it from: Carat Lane


Infinity solitaire ring | Buy it from: Carat Lane

Getting Married?

Book Trusted Wedding Services from ShaadiSaga

Solitaire bridal ring set | Buy it from: Carat Lane

If you want to step away from the solitaire box, here are some options of bands and stacks

Lotus eternity band

Love twine diamond band | Buy it from: Carat Lane

Metro charm diamond band | Buy it from: Carat Lane


Round and celestial rings

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White slim diamond ring

Diamond ring in plated gold | Buy it from: Mehrasons Jewellers

Yellow and white band diamond | Buy it from: DiaColor

Twisted tone bands | Buy it from: Carat Lane

And if you're anything but traditional bride, here are some unique alternatives

Tanzanite ring | Buy it from: Dia Colors


Yellow diamond rings | Buy it from: DiaColors

Ribbon solitaire ring

Mughal ring

Jasmine ring

Canary yellow jasmine ring

Featured Image Courtesy: Bhumi & Simran Photography

Which design will you pick for your engagement? Tell us in the comments below!