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15 Tips Every Bride Needs To Read Before Finalising Her Sangeet Look

Sudatta Bhattacharjee, 21 Jan 2017

Lehenga or gown? Juttis or kitten heels? Leave hair open or tie it up? So much to figure out for your Sangeet look!

While you are all set to look like a million bucks on your wedding day, you cannot look anything less than a queen on your Sangeet night. We’ve curated the best styling tips every bride-to-be needs to know to get her Sangeet look on point!


1. What to wear: While you have plenty of options ranging from the standard lehenga and floor length anarkali to gowns and shararas, the one thing to keep in mind is keeping it as light-weight and hassle-free as possible. Nothing should come in the way of dancing till the wee hours!

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2. If you want to ditch the dupatta to make it even easier to dance in, a crop top and skirt is the perfect option.

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3. Imagine a sparkling bride on a starry Sangeet night - go for Swarovski and Mukesh work to add shine to your outfit without the weight.

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4. High neck blouses with heavy embroidery are a great choice as you don’t need to wear any jewellery (neckpiece) along with it.

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1. Sangeet is the only occasion where one can experiment. Pick a maximum of two statement pieces and keep the rest of the jewellery light. For example, choose a cocktail ring and danglers OR a stunning maang tikka with a kamarbandh to make a statement with.

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2. If you want to wear heavy earrings, make sure to wear them first and move your head around to see whether the danglers are well adjusted and/or uncomfortable or not.


1. Ask your makeup artist to go easy on the highlighter and to use a shimmer-free primer (so that your face does not end up looking like a disco ball).

2. Avoid wearing false eyelashes and ask for waterproof mascara because of all the dancing and sweating you will be doing.

3. In case you have oily skin, keep blotting papers in hand (these keep your makeup intact while soaking all the excess oil from your face)

4. Carry the lipstick with you or tell your bridesmaids to carry a similar shade for a quick touch up. You will be drinking (water at least, if not alcohol) a lot!


1. You can go for a half-up, half-down style which usually works best for Sangeet. You can twist your upper half or simply braid it and put flowers in between, while keeping the lower half open.

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2. Don’t want to leave it open? You can go for a messy bun or even a (floral) braid.

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1. Since Sangeet inevitably means a lot of dancing, it’s wiser to wear flats (our favourite kind: jootis!)

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2. But if you are someone who cannot do without heels, opt for kitten heels, platforms or even wedges (yes, there are plenty of pretty options available!)

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3. If you are wearing heels, make sure their height is not too much so that when you take them off to dance, your lehenga doesn’t drag on the floor.

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Do you have any more tips to get your Sangeet look on point? Do share with us in the comments below!