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11 Wedding Ideas that Didn’t Exist 15 Years Back!

Veethi Telang, 07 Dec 2015


“Quit cribbing! You wouldn’t get any of this had you gotten married in the 80s or the 90s!” Moms, huh? I’m sure, we’ve all heard this statement from our mothers at least once in life. Weddings as events have undergone a massive transformation over the years. What was once an intimate, low-key affair, is now no less than a grand event where nothing must go wrong and no compromises must be made. There are so many new elements discovered each day, it seems like no matter what you settle for, there’s always someone else who’s going to top that. Wonder how our parents managed without all that, eh? Let’s take a look at 11 such elements that would’ve sounded totally absurd 15 years ago:

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You couldn't create your own wedding website

Shaadisaga Photo

While today, Shaadisaga offers you the opportunity to create your own frickin’ website (Shaadisaga|Website), this concept was surely far-fetched back then. Technology was only catching up, after all!

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With a website, comes the opportunity to invite people from the Internet, thus, saving massive printing costs, and, if you’re environment-conscious, saving paper too! Social media invitations FTW!

3D printed wedding cakes


Picture Credits: The Cheesecake Project Wedding cakes with mini-you as a topper on it! Let’s time travel back to the early 2000s, and tell people that they could have a cake with their face on it, and eat it too. Should be fun.

Wedding planners

elusive 2

Picture Credits: Elusive Dreams Remember how people’s mamas, chachas, and kakas worked their arses off alongside the parents to organize a wedding? Well, they can sit back and relax, for we have a horde of wedding planners today who make weddings such an easy-peasy job!

Pre-wedding shoots


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Picture Credits: Namit Narlawar Photography They may be an absolute must-do in today’s times, but back then, narrating your love story through a pre-wedding shoot was a concept totally unheard of. Think about it, showcasing your romance this way would’ve sounded totally bizarre, unless you’re starring in a movie!


If only you could record the way you proposed to the love of your life 15 years ago! No Youtube, no easy videography. Unlike today, when you could have your best friend shoot the “grand proposal” for you and upload it on YT for the world to see.

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Theme-based weddings


Picture Credits: Khachakk Studios Boho? Rustic? Regal? Laid-back? Superhero? You name it, and there’s a theme for it in your wedding planner’s catalogue. Unlike 15 years ago, when “shaadi” just meant “shaadi” and didn’t have a subtext.

Bachelor-bachelorette/Cocktail parties

candid wedding stories

Picture Credits: Candid Wedding Stories Yep, no full-fledged bachelor parties, or cocktail evenings wherein, the bride and groom could celebrate their upcoming nuptials with close friends, family, and loads of drinks. Now, we aren’t saying that people didn’t do this earlier too. But, you’ve got to agree that it wasn’t as upscale back then as it is now.

Multi-cuisine food

Remember the time when we were teenagers and loved attending weddings simply for the “shaadi ka khaana” that had a more or less fixed menu? Well, things have changed since then, for today you have countless cuisines catering to everyone’s palate. That, with a hundred starters ensuring that you don’t even reach the main course. What a time to be alive!

The "arranged" courtship before the wedding


Picture Credits: Morvi Images “Beta, get to know each other before you tie the knot!” Perhaps, the best thing about arranged marriages in today’s time is that they don’t even feel like one. You have ample amount of time (and freedom) to date your fiancé, know them in and out, and then go through the nuptials. Definitely not something we’d have thought of two decades ago!

Multi-colored wedding outfits

Wedding Nama1

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Picture Credits: Wedding Nama This one’s for the ladies! Even today, red may be the absolute choice for a wedding lehenga for many brides, but some prefer opting for different color palettes in a single outfit, totally tossing red away. And the best thing? This trend has been embraced with open arms, which wouldn’t have been the case 15 years ago. Add to the list! Do you remember anything that we wouldn’t have thought of 15 years back? Or a wedding trend that is no longer prevalent? Drop us a comment below. Featured Picture Credits: Photoshastra