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10 Naughty Wedding Gifts For Your Friend That Are Raunchier Than a C-Grade Flick!

Neha Garg, 01 Oct 2015

If you’re looking for old-hat, dreary, mind-numbingly boring ideas such as feather lingerie, handcuffs, and raunchy coffee mugs, allow us to apologize in advance for disappointing you. Nope, not saucy enough. Today, we’re going to be turning the heat up by putting forth a bunch of insanely inappropriate things. Things that’ll take the newly-wed couple aback, wondering how in the hell are they even friends with someone as… dirty-minded as you are. Deal?

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Great! So, if you’re still reading this, then we’re assuming you’re extremely good friends with either the bride or the groom, or both. After all, you want your wedding gift to stand out, so much so that you don’t mind going an extra mile to make it happen. Well, good thing every gift that follows is available on the Internet for you to order. Just a couple of clicks and a credit card are all you need. Let’s get started!

For the Bride

Fifty Shades off Grey Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit No kidding! This product is actually a beginner’s venture into the world of BDSM. If you’ve caught your friend enjoying the very popular FSOG novel series, there couldn’t be a more appropriate gift for her now, could there?

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Spencer Chocolate Body Paint Is your bride-to-be a budding painter? Make her paint “her first masterpiece” with this exquisite body paint that takes making love to a whole new level. Fingers crossed, hoping she doesn’t finish it off on a slice of bread beforehand! (What? Nutella lovers would agree!) landscape_1416430215-twilight

Doc Johnson Dual Pleasure Bullets They may be a staple to any toy collection, but you could introduce your friend to multiple pleasures at once with this exciting gift. What these pleasure bullets do is, they are versatile vibrators that stimulate multiple areas of the body. Pretty convenient, huh?

Secretly Yours Kegel Balls Pouch Made of stainless steel, this pair of balls is sure to become your friend’s bestie! Not only are these balls fun to use for kegel exercises, but are highly, highly sensational. Oh, come on! You’ve read Fifty Shades Darker, haven’t you?


Waterproof Mini Vibrator 60 long minutes of pure pleasure! Convenient to carry (you’d like that, won’t you?), can be fixed at any position, and most importantly, waterproof (IYKWIM). Showers just got a little more exciting for your bestie!

Crotchless Edible Panties They may be use-and-throw, but boy, can they give you an experience to remember for a long, long time! The best thing about them? They come in a variety of flavors for you to enjoy. Pick your favorite and start…. hogging? fifty-shades-of-grey-bondage-copy

For the Groom

Rise and Shine with Night Light™ Glow-in-the-dark Condoms Truly a classic among guys, this one makes for an excellent gag gift for your buddy to make his first night a memorable one. All he needs to do is, expose the damn thing for just 30 seconds, and get down to business. The timing of it all, however, is something he’d need to practice on his own.

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Sexy Mankini Borat Bodysuit Dare to bare? A perfect present for your friend to don on his honeymoon at the beach, this “barely there” swimsuit is sure to send chills down the bride’s spine! When toys just won’t cut it for her, the husband in a mankini is definitely going to be a sight to remember. Think so?

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Silicone Vibrating Ring For You He may have a wife now, but this wicked “ring for his thing” offers a kind of pleasure in its own.This product lends intense penetrating vibrations for as long as 40 minutes (Yeah, right, like you could last that long!). A piece of advice though: it comes with a non-rechargeable battery, and you must be wary of your friend’s size. *awkward*


Glow-in-the-dark Boxer Shorts Turned on? Turned off? Well, switch off the lights to know! This cheeky gift for your best bud is an excellent way to have some fun. These shorts are extremely comfortable, and feature a lit up bulb with a glowing “turned on” sign, when the lights are completely off.

Kheper Games Sex Board Game Have the couple indulge in some tantalising foreplay with this exquisite board game that suggests sex positions and fantasies they’d be excited to explore. This gift could work as an excellent option in case you’re friends with both the bride and the groom! Tongue-in-cheek or downright bizarre, we’re sure this list has been of help to you in picking “the one” for a memorable wedding gift. After all is said and done, do tell us about their reactions in the comments below. We’re eager to find out.