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10 Creative Ways To Decorate The Bar At Your Wedding!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 11 Jan 2017

Remember how we gave you some gorgeous chair decor ideas earlier this week? While chair and centrepiece decor ideas are standard at every wedding, there's a new decor element that couples are getting creative with these days - the BAR!

Your friends and cousins (and UNCLES!) are definitely going to ask - daaru hoyegi na? Make it easy at your wedding for even the wine-drinking aunty to find her way to the bar with these cannot-miss-em-even-if-you-tried Bar Decor Ideas.

1. O kitthe gayi Sharaab di Gaddi? This funky truck calls out to all the Punjabis in the house!

Image Credits: The Wedding Designers

2. When pink is your thing! This bright bar setup will attract even the non-drinkers attention.

Image Credits: Rani Pink

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3. Rows of hanging bulbs! One of the hottest decor trends at events -LED or filament, take your pick.

Image Credits: Elements of Harkrishna

4. Don't say we don't "warn" you! This one comes with a clear warning sign.

Image Credits: Bougainvilla Design

5. How about a rustic bar setup with twigs and fairy lights wrapped around? Stolen from our Real Bride's destination wedding.

Image Credits: Arjun Tryst With the Camera

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6. Yup, Sake Bars at Indian weddings are officially a thing now!

Image Credits: White Rose Productions

7. Sharaabi quotes to entertain your Sharaabi dost.

Image Credits: F5 Weddings

8. A cutesy garden set up with mason jars to add a sparkling touch to your outdoor wedding.

Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

9. A Beer Thela! This colourful desi cart is the newest trend this wedding season.

Image Credits: F5 Weddings

10. Or just keep it simple with basic bulbs highlighting the pretty bar sign.

Image Credits: Atisuto Events

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Featured Image Credits: With Love, Nilma

Which Bar Decor Idea did you love?

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