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10 Fun Games & Activities to Incorporate at Your Wedding Ceremonies

Divya Arora, 15 Dec 2018

Indian weddings are nothing less than a Martin Garrix concert celebrating the union of two souls & two families merrymaking, grooving around and of course, loads of fun and jollity. Which is why couples and their families leave no stone unturned in making sure that their guests are treated and spoiled with everything at its best. Be it the food spread, the unique & hep wedding parties to keep them entertained or even incorporating fun games at their revelries.

Having said that, including joyous indoor and outdoor games and activities at their pre-wedding ceremonies is one of the great ways that couples are indulging in to keep their guests entertained. For that matter, mehndi and haldi ceremonies, pool parties, sundowners and after parties are the best ceremonies to incorporate some crazy and LIT games to take your wedding soiree a notch above! If you desire to do the same but deciding upon the activities is becoming a tough nut to crack for you then keep scrolling below.

We've enlisted a few games that are super amazing and would make up for one helluva feisty time for your guests. Start taking notes!

List of Games & Activities for Indian Weddings

1. Who is most likely to?

This wedding game is going to one entertainer for all your guests. Simply have the guests equipped with paddle boards with the groom's and bride's face on each side and ask them questions regarding them. Let the guests take guesses and play along.

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2. Have a trampoline

Having a trampoline is an edgy way to add fun to your ceremonies. Also, it's going to keep the kids happy and busy because we all know how kids just love trampolines. And well, the biggies too!

3. A Cricket Match

A game of cricket between the groom side and bride side is a super fun idea to have your guests enjoy the wedding a bit more. It's becoming a huge trend off late and so much so that even PeeCee & Nick Jonas were seeing playing this game on their mehndi ceremony along with their friends and families.

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4. Play Tug of war

Yet another game that can be played amongst the bride squad and the groom squad. As kids, we've always loved playing tug of war and we're sure you're going to love playing that at weddings too! To add a bit more fun you can have punishments for the losing team or prizes & gifts for the winning team as well.

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5. Kite flying Competition

Kite flying is fun and is enjoyed by the adults and kids alike. Play it in teams and race against each other trying to cut the other's kites cuz it's always fun! And why wait for the Independence Day to feel that "aaaiii booo kaate" moment! Create your own at your wedding as you're about to get independence from singlehood. :P

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6. Ring toss

Arrange for this game and include prizes to be won along with. Keep a lot of prizes on the table and let your guests toss 'em rings at their favorite gifts. Also, don't forget to keep some cutesy stuff and toys for the kids as well.

7. The Gunnysack race

We all have played this in our childhood and it's a superb game to play at your outdoor pre-wedding ceremony. Just wear those sacks and start running to win!

8. Jenga

This addictive block game is a must have as it's sure to give your guests a hearty joyous time. Have small ones on the tables or the gigantic ones in the lawns for some added "Gaming mode: ON" feels.

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9. Beer pong

The game of beer pong is a highly incorporated one at weddings these days. From pool parties and beach parties to sundowners and after parties, beer pong is the most famous and a must have at your wedding soirees.

10. Tic-Tac-Toe

Go the old school way and play that super fun game of tic-tac-toe. Ditch the paper this time and have a either leaves boxes of the game on the tables or better yet have a giant one installed in the lawns and get set playing. 

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Do you have any more games to add to the list?