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Best Wedding Planners in Andheri

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These vendors regularly records and maintain temperature readings of their team members. They will send temperature readings of all their team members to you, one day before the event.


All team members of these vendors use masks, gloves, sanitizers & PPE, as and when required while working and interacting with clients & other collaborators.


These vendors sanitize their working equipment and wedding items regularly, and also before use for every event.


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These are the Best Wedding Planners in Andheri


Mumbaikars may not have time to catch up with friends and family regularly but when it comes to celebrating life, they know to make it grand. Weddings in Andheri like any other Andheri celebrations, if not more, are bound to be lavish. The city th...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Planners on ShaadiSaga

Krishank Malik3 months ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Event Ustaad

Event Ustaad is headed by the dynamic duo Anmol and Shrishti. They were the right fit for us. The minute we met them we knew we were in the right hands. Young & dynamic they were aware of every new trend that there was. Most importantly they were ready to take risks, we wanted an eco friendly wedding and it's easier said than done. These two jumped at the opportunity and took up the challenge. It was executed to perfection and to our hearts content. Every whim and fancy a bride and groom could think of were delivered and on time. The eco friendly mandate was that of my wife, I wanted and expected a well coordinated tech based wedding. Trust me when I say this, there couldn't have been a better team who could have executed this. We had a wedding website, infact an entire CRM. All the guests were notified with emails, SMS, WhatsApp. All the location links were sent to all the guests. Our guests had to fill RSVP forms, I mean we had 6 events at 4 different locations we pretty much needed it. All our guests were informed about their flight details and who would meet them at the airport. All the guests were greeted well and were very impressed by the quality of service. It was truly a fun experience. These to have a nack of becoming a part of the family and feeling like younger siblings, all while being extremely professional. They took care of all the vendors and managed all the purchases as well. When it comes to gifting and decorations these two are gifted themselves. I really think if you're looking for someone to plan your dreams wedding or even any other event your search ends here. Don't even think, don't even blink just leave it to the Ustaads, the Event Ustaads. With love, Krishank & Bhumika.

...See More

Karishma Tibrewal5 months ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  TEC Weddings

The event collective is amazing. Their coordination and service is on point. They have new ideas and are very creative. Young talented frends making your D day the most memorable one. I had a very stress free experience with them.

...See More

Nishtha6 months ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Bliss Tales

I had my dream wedding planned through Bliss Tales and i must say they exceeded my expectations They made my day memorable exactly how i always wanted Thanks to Aditya and his team Bliss tales is a top notch wedding planners in the industry

...See More

Sakshi Hingar9 months ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Event Ustaad

Before meeting team Event Ustaad I met couple of event planners in Rajasthan for my wedding, I don’t have to say it, but Rajasthan is a hub of Royal weddings, so one could find real good event planners and every planner will give you great ideas which you would want to be part of your wedding, after all it is the day of your life. But don’t get flown away by emotions, the expense they will list will certainly bring the charm down, event planning for many of us would be road less traveled until you have closely been part of a family wedding/event. Here you would rate event Ustaad 5 stars, they will surely give you great ideas but the catch is, with best possible budget and if needed they will talk to 10 vendors to get best quotes. Secondly, they do not believe in implementing the idea which has already been done in some other wedding, a lot of customisation is where they stand different, in my case I generally said I like owls and reading poetry they went so close to my choice that they arranged a entry gate in a book pattern with piece of poems on center tables and sofa cushions with owl print and believe me it gave me so much positive vibe while attending my wedding. From arranging a straw till reception stage of your choice, they would do it seamlessly. Another great thing is that they would listen (with patience) ideas by each and every family member who would want to participate in event planning, I come from joint family and being the youngest of the lot, everyone was excited and equally participating in organising event, every opinion and view has been properly heard by team Event Ustaad and lastly they would have their own opinion considering all the other opinions of what best could be arranged. After spending time with Srishti n Anmol, through multiple meet ups for event planning you would feel they are part of your family and you feel that they are so young to handle a wedding (Bahot Bada event jo hota hai) but they are mini bombs, they will roll it so well on the wedding day that it will lift your mood, if they promise you to place orchids at place A they will make sure it goes exactly like that. If needed they will even politely correct the vendors if they do anything which would not look good. Their good aesthetic sense can be seen through their previous events. For I did not get carried away by emotions while selecting event planner but couldn’t resist my emotions while sharing my experience with Event Ustaad Thanks Srishti, Anmol and team event Ustaad for making it a grand and memorable event for me and my family!

...See More

Latest Wedding Planning Ideas

Hire Best wedding planners in [email protected]

Planning being the backbone of execution of a successful wedding is a crucial step in you preparations to live your dream of having the best wedding. We understand your busy schedule and inability to offer enough time to your wedding planning and therefore, present to you a list of best wedding planners in Andheri along with all the services they have to offer, their experience, photos of weddings planned by them & reviews of those planners by people who availed their service in the past. Choose the best one according to your needs.

Types of Wedding Planning

Different people need different types of assistance for their wedding planning. Some need the planner to look after the entire process of the wedding while some need help with only some parts of it. Depending on the different needs of people top wedding planners in Andheri categorize their services into three, namely- full wedding planning, partial wedding planning & consultants.

How to Hire Best Wedding Planners in Andheri?

What to remember while hiring a Wedding Planner?

Certain points are always to be kept in mind when you are hunting for a wedding planner to perfectly create in real what your dream wedding looked like. Here, keep a note of these points, always!

What to discuss with your Wedding Planner?

Once you have found the artist who will recreate your dream on your wedding day, you must discuss the following with him/her to make sure that happens. Not communicating well with your wedding planner might lead to confusions & can result in chaos.

Why hire Wedding Planners via ShaadiSaga?

ShaadiSaga has been one of the most trusted and go-to brand for soon-to-be-married couples all over India including Andheri. At ShaadiSaga, we have a team of dedicated researchers who leave no stone unturned to go around to bring to you the best wedding planner in Andheri.

We confirm the claims made by the wedding planners before mentioning them on our websites through several methods like checking the reviews of people who have used their service in the past among others. We let you choose the service you want to opt for according to your need and also assign a wedding manager who makes sure that get the maximum benefits at the minimum price.

How ShaadiSaga helps in hiring the Best Wedding Planner in Andheri?

ShaadiSaga is always on the hunt to cater to the most amazing wedding planners for you. After carefully analyzing the services provided by these wedding planners, their experience, past wedding pictures, and reviews by real people, the ShaadiSaga experts prepare a list of best wedding planners in Andheri with all relevant details and reviews on our website.

We do our best to pair you up with a wedding planner as per your needs and assigning a special ShaadiSaga wedding manager for you to take care of all your needs while hiring a wedding planner.

Mistakes to avoid while hiring Wedding Planner in Andheri?

Planning as stated above is the backbone of your wedding ceremony and any faults in planning will reflect in the execution of your wedding ceremony. Couples looking for wedding planners usually end up making these mistakes. Take note and make sure you refrain from doing one yourself.

How does it work?

We make you meet the wedding planner that is best suited for your needs and vice versa. Wedding planners throughout the city reach us to get listed on the website.

From among these wedding planners, we examine the services that they have to provide, their reviews, and experience. After a careful examination by our ShaadiSaga experts' list of the best wedding planner in #{city,} is posted and constantly updated on the website. We let the users judge what’s best for them by enabling them to go through the details of these wedding planners on the website. Get the planner’s contact details or directly ask for quotations on the website.

Wedding Planners in Andheri Price

The financial capital of the country has a wide range that it spends on wedding planning. While some prefer to keep the royalty intact others choose opting for a comparatively simple wedding. Price in the wedding planning industry ain’t fixed.

Several factors like the experience of the wedding planner decide what are you going to pay to hire a wedding planner.

The price that you spend on wedding planning also depends on your needs, full wedding planning service will cost you more than the partial one. While consultants charge for advice in pre-wedding planning.

Other Services by ShaadiSaga

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring Wedding Planners in Andheri?

Q - What type of services do Wedding Planners in Andheri provide?

What type of services do Wedding Planners in Andheri provide?

Q - What are the charges of wedding planning in Andheri?

There is no fixed price in the wedding planning domain. Services are available in almost every budget. Prices vary greatly depending upon the experience and the services offered by the wedding planner. Full wedding planning cost you more than partial wedding planning.

Q - Which is the Best Wedding Planner in Andheri?

This depends on your needs. Labelling a wedding planning service to be the best one is a tough as different wedding planners are good at providing different services. ShaadiSaga has listed the top wedding planners in Andheri for you to choose from following your needs.

Q - Does ShaadiSaga provide any other service?

ShaadiSaga takes care of all your wedding planning needs. We go out of our ways to list the best wedding photographers, videographers, Mehendi artists, decorators, invitation card designers & choreographers on our website. We are committed to give you your dream wedding.