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Book Professional Wedding Photographers @ ShaadiSaga

Wedding photography is not just click and show. It is much more than that. It captures the biggest event of your life and preserves wonderful memories of the moments you would always want to go back to and cherish. At ShaadiSaga, we have a list of proficient best wedding photographers and videographers who know exactly how to capture each moment of your wedding day that will make you fall in love all over again.

  • Types of wedding photography

    • Candid Photography - Candid photographers are artistic and aim at capturing wedding moments “as they happen” without asking anyone to pose. Candid photographers capture moments of laughter, giggles, chit-chats, emotions, excitement, anxiety and everything else as they happen. Such photography is more skillful and requires more proficiency, expertise and creative candid photography ideas. This is why they come with a high price tag.
    • Traditional Photography - Traditional photographers usually aim for posed portraits with usual poses. This is the age-old “Look Here, Smile Please” photography where the photographer will ask guests and family members to pose for a picture. Since such photographs don’t need creative skills, it comes for a lesser price.
    • Cinematic Videography - The difference between a wedding videography and wedding cinematography is the same as the one between a home video and movie. In wedding videography, storytelling technique and creativity is used to capture the event and the basic concept is same as candid photography. Everything is covered in a 20-40 minute video. This service is expensive as it requires hi-tech cameras, drones and other such equipment along with specialized technical know-how.
    • Traditional Videography - This old style videography records the entire wedding event in a 2-3 hours video. It is like a video documentary of the wedding. It is cheap with no creativity involved, as such.
    • Pre-wedding photoshoot & video shoot - Pre-wedding shoots have become a rage now and every couple who is getting married these days is going for it. The video is all about the beautiful emotion of love where the couple is shot romancing each other in a gorgeous outdoor location. Take a look at the best best wedding photographers in your city.

How to Hire Best Wedding Photographers?

With all the wedding planning going on in your head, choosing the right photographer to cover your special day is an important task.

  • Things to keep in mind while booking wedding photographers

    • Do your part of the research and ascertain what you need.
    • Know the different types of wedding photography services like pre wedding photography, candid photography, etc.
    • Decide your budget and be open to negotiation.
    • Book the service few months ahead.
    • Check various indian wedding photography packages and ask for wedding photography quotes from 2-3 photographers.
    • If you are not sure, ask us for suggestions.
  • Things to discuss with the wedding photographer before booking

    • You need to understand the photographer’s style and let them know what you are looking for.
    • Let them know what you are expecting from each event, including haldi, mehendi, reception, etc. Also let them know about all the activities that would take place, even the surprises so that they don’t miss anything.
    • Always discuss about the budget, payment policy, taxes, charges for the edits, equipment to be used (drones, etc), deliverables and cancellation & refund policy too.
    • Inform about the dates and duration of various wedding events.
    • Discuss candid photography ideas, indian wedding photography with props, and pre wedding photography tips.
    • Don’t forget to know about their pre wedding photography ideas.
  • Hire the right wedding photographer @ ShaadiSaga

    • We are associated only with verified photographers who hold experience in the field and who have undergone strict background checks to ensure that they provide only quality work.
    • We have photographers using advanced equipment, as well as photographers with basic photography. You can choose from a wide variety of services, which includes new-age candid photography to drones, photo booths, photo albums, etc. We have budget and expensive photographers both.
  • Wedding Photography & Pre-Wedding Photography Pricing

    Photographers from different parts of the country may have different rates. You can check the minimum and maximum price by browsing through photographers’ profiles on ShaadiSaga. At ShaadiSaga, you can find best wedding photographers within budget and expensive ones, of course. Rest assured, we will help you crack the best deal.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wedding Photographers

  • Q

    How to compare wedding photographers?

    • Have a look at their past work. Check what their clients are saying about their work. Know about deliverables, the type of equipment and techniques they will use, their wedding and pre wedding photography ideas to get the best of wedding photography services.
  • Q

    Why are wedding photographers so expensive?

    • Photography is not like any other commodity business. It is an artistic skill that requires creativity. When it comes to top wedding photographers, a lot has to do with expensive equipment, technical knowledge, right techniques and creative abilities. The photographer captures the biggest event of your life. It is worth spending on it as you will cherish the memories all your life through the pictures and videos. And since, we all want quality work, it comes with a price.
  • Q

    How much does wedding photography cost in India?

    • Wedding photography cost depends on the requirements you have. It is suggested to check various profiles on ShaadiSaga to get an idea.
  • Q

    How does ShaadiSaga help me book the best wedding photographers?

    • At ShaadiSaga, you can find more than hundred best wedding photographers and you can easily choose the best one according to your budget. Once you ask for quote, we will assign you a dedicated ShaadiSaga wedding manager, who will assist you in choosing the best photographer based on your specific requirements. He will help you in negotiating prices & booking. Relax, there are no extra charges for this assistance.
  • Q

    What are the latest trends in wedding photography?

    • Pre-wedding and candid wedding photography are the latest trends in wedding photography. You can browse through our blog to understand more about both these trends.
  • Q

    Should we have separate wedding photographers for bride & groom side?

    • It depends on your understanding with the other party. You can easily hire one service provider to cover all events during your wedding at both the bride and groom’s side. You can ask for a combined package to cover the full wedding event. Do ask for discounts.