You know how it feels when you want everything to be the best but you have budget constraint. I am so happy with shaadisaga's enthusiasm to help. Good work guys! Preetika Bhasin New Delhi
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You know how it feels when you want everything to be the best but you have budget constraint. I am so happy with shaadisaga's enthusiasm to help. Good work guys! Preetika Bhasin New Delhi
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Best Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

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Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad


Weddings in Hyderabad are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The grand weddings at the gorgeous locations of the royal city must be captured in the lenses of the talented wedding photographers. These best wedding photographers in Hyderaba...Read more

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Latest Reviews of Photographers on ShaadiSaga

Anchal Sharmaabout 11 hours ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Master’s Studio

Its always so mesmerizing to watch every single picture from masters studio I was been following the page since so long and every wedlock picturized by them tells a better story than a either a live experience could. Their work is as good as they are. Wishing them the biggest brand beyond any competitive approach. I consider myself among biggest Fan of u both .

...See More

Dest Royerabout 16 hours ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Click For You

don't want to write too much words. I just wanted to send a endless greetings to "click for you "and say as many thanks as we can cause it was really the best experience and the best photo session.

...See More

Heena Bhardwaj2 days ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Master’s Studio

Master's studio photography needs no introduction – just check out his work, it speaks for itself. Thank you for a wonderful album, full of the most spectacular pictures.We would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for capturing our special day.

...See More

Zakir Hussain Mohammad3 days ago

★ 5.0
Review for -  Click For You

Nice photographer.looking like wildlife photography,no one risk..steels looking nice ...e photographer..alupu anedi undadu...Thanu okka sare photos theste.mali ennkoka mata undadu.. e photography chala baguntadi...

...See More

Latest Wedding Photography Ideas

Find the Top Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad @ Shaadisaga

The most important part of any wedding ceremony is to capture all the rituals and moments of this biggest day of the bride and the groom. While they perform all the rituals, they want the memories of each and every moment to be captured for posterity. This is where wedding photography and videography comes into play. Wedding photography is not about clicking random pictures.

It is about capturing the most important day of your life skilfully and preserving the beautiful memories, which will be cherished for a lifetime. Hence, it has to be done with great expertise and perfection. Shaadisaga has the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad listed on its website.

Different Services that Wedding Photographers Offer

Wedding involves many types of services. If you know about these types very well, you can decide what type of service you want to have for your wedding.

Candid photography in Hyderabad

This style of photography has become very popular in last few years. Candid photography means clicking photographs without having people pose for them. In this type of photography, moments are captured as they happen. The subject’s in the photo are not aware that their photos are being clicked. A wedding photographer captures emotions, excitement, the lighter moments shared between people, and several other moments as they happen.

It is a special type of photography and requires expertise, knowledge and creativity to capture the best moments perfectly in the camera. Candid photography is a slightly expensive option, but it is a beautiful way of capturing some priceless moments. At Shaadisaga, we have a list of the best candid wedding photographers in Hyderabad . If you are thinking of getting candid photography for your wedding, you can contact them at Shaadisaga.

Traditional Photography in Hyderabad

Traditional photography is regular type of photography where people pose for pictures. In traditional photography, photographers ask people to pose in a certain way and smile for the camera. Here, the subjects are aware that their pictures being clicked. This type of photography does not require much creativity and is hence, not very expensive. You can contact the best traditional photographers in Hyderabad through Shaadisaga.

Cinematic Videography

In cinematic videography, the cinematographer shoots short clips. This is done to make a story out of these clips. Cinematic videography is a short film with a story, where your story is told through images and short speeches and quotes from close friends and family, along with music. Here, the videographer needs to have some creative skills just as in candid photography. The entire event is covered in a short 30-40 minutes’ video. The cameras used for cinematography are very high-tech and hence it is a very expensive service. It is also a video which requires excellent creative and editing skills. You can find the best wedding cinematographers in Hyderabad at Shaadisaga.

Traditional videography

Traditional videography is the regular type of videography. In this videography, the entire wedding event is recorded in a video lasting 2 to 3 hours. It is like a documentary film where all the things happening in the ceremony are recorded. It is a less expensive service as no creativity or high-tech equipment required. Shaadisaga can help you with some of the best traditional videographers in Hyderabad.

Pre-wedding photo shoot in Hyderabad

Pre-wedding shoots have become the current rage and most couples like to get these done. This kind of a shot generally takes places at a scenic location, which is mostly outdoors. You can surf Shaadisaga for the best pre-wedding photographers in Hyderabad.

Black and White Photography

Black and white images are making a comeback as photographers have rediscovered the grace of monochromatic images. This type of photography is being used in wedding ceremonies as well. If you are willing to get your big day captured in a unique way, search for an expert photographer who can do black and white photography for you.

Drone wedding photography in Hyderabad

This type of wedding photography is done with the help of drone cameras. A drone is a small pilot-less aircraft, operated by remote control. This aircraft captures images from an aerial perspective. It provides supreme quality video footage and photographs, highlighting memorable moments of the wedding ceremony. It is one of the costlier options, but is fast gaining popularity. You can search for top wedding photographers in Hyderabad who can do drone photography on Shaadisaga.

Vintage wedding photography

In this type of photography, the pictures have an old-world romance and charm to them. Photographers ask for the decorations to be done in vintage style and photo and video shoot is done in such a way that the wedding appears have taken place in some other era. For this type of photography, a photographer needs to be skilled in editing tools and equipped with high-tech cameras.

Artistic wedding photography

Wedding photography that articulate beauty, celebration, love, romance and sparkle is known as artistic photography. Here, the photographer needs to be extra creative. It is important to note that such photography can only be done with certain couples; couples who have a certain type of mindset. So, if you think that you are an artistic couple, search for an artistic wedding photographer.

Complete Guide to Hire Top Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

While you plan each and everything for your big day from outfits, makeup, food, decorations and several other things, it is equally important to hire a good wedding photographer. Here are a few important tips that will help you to choose the best wedding photographer in Hyderabad, suitable for your needs.

Things to remember while hiring a wedding photographer in Hyderabad

Things to discuss with the photographer before confirming the booking

Why to choose wedding photographers in Hyderabad only from Shaadisaga?

How does ShaadiSaga help in hiring a wedding photographer in Hyderabad?

Register with ShaadiSaga and begin your search for the best wedding photographer in Hyderabad from our extensive list. Once, you shortlist a few, you can contact them through our website, and they will respond in 24-hours. You can take assistance of our wedding manager for finalising the deal as they will help you negotiate and get a discounted price.

Mistakes to avoid while choosing one of the best photographers in Hyderabad

There are a few common mistakes you should try and avoid if you want to choose one of the top wedding photographers in Hyderabad.

Fees or Charges of the top wedding photographers in Hyderabad

The photographers pricing depends upon the type of services and photography you want. You can browse the profiles of wedding photographers in Hyderabad on Shaadisaga and get an idea of their charges. Candid photographers in Hyderabad as well as the artistic, vintage photographer along with the cinematographers charge comparatively higher rates than traditional photographers. The cost charged by the pre-wedding photographers in Hyderabad also differs based on the theme you wish to have. You can find affordable to expensive photographers on Shaadisaga and we help you to get the best deal. A 2-day package with the best photographers in Hyderabad start from Rs. 80,000 and can go up to Rs. 1,00,000.

Other wedding services provided by shaadisaga in Hyderabad

There are many other services provided by Shaadisaga that can help you plan your entire wedding through us.

Frequently asked question about top wedding photographers in Hyderabad

Q - Can I get any discount offers while booking a photographer in Hyderabad through Shaadisaga?

Yes, definitely. The top wedding photographers in Hyderabad are listed on Shaadisaga and they offer some great photo and videography packages with huge discounts. Shaadisaga helps you get the best possible deal which will fit perfectly in your budget.

Q - How much is the fees of wedding photographers in Hyderabad?

The fees charged by the wedding photographers in Hyderabad vary from the photographer to photographer and it depends on the type of services you want. You can go through the list of photographers in Hyderabad on Shaadisaga and check for the minimum and maximum fees charged by them. The charges would depend on the number of functions for which you require the photographer’s services and the kind of photography you want.

Q - Are the photographers listed on Shaadisaga professionals?

Shaadisaga has the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad listed on its website. They are added to the list after being verified through strict background checks. Only professionals with great expertise and experience in the field and those who can provide high-quality service are listed on the ShaadiSaga website.

Q - Can you suggest the best pre-wedding shoot location in Hyderabad?

There are a large number of gorgeous locations in and around Hyderabad which are ideal for most of the pre-wedding shoots in Hyderabad. However, the selection of the location depends upon various factors including your budget and theme of the wedding. You can discuss with the photographer about the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Hyderabad.

Q - What are the main points I should discuss with the photographer before hiring them?

Starting from the wedding date and venue, you must discuss every single detail with the wedding photographer. Tell them clearly about your budget. Also discuss the various functions that will be happening as part of the wedding functions like haldi, sangeet, reception and many others. Discuss your ideas with them clearly and ask for their suggestions. Know about their payment policies, refund policies, cancellations charges and taxes. Ask if there will be any extra charge for the equipment they use.

Q - What are the other wedding services in Hyderabad listed on Shaadisaga?

The other vendors in Hyderabad listed on Shaadisaga are wedding decorators, wedding invitation, wedding videography, choreographers, wedding planners and mehendi artists. We also list wedding venues in Hyderabad.

Q - Should we have separate wedding photographers for bride & groom side?

This depends on the choice of the individual. However, we at Shaadisaga would recommend hiring the same photographer for the bride as well as the groom. The style and vision of each photographer is different and reflects in the photographs clicked by them. These days, photographers have a team to assist them, so there is no possibility of getting less coverage. Additionally, with a combined package you can get extra discounts.