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Looking for the best wedding photographers in Delhi? Becoming a great wedding photographer is not just about having a high-quality camera and skills, it also means to have skills and experience to capture the perfect moments. It is essential that you hire the right wedding photographer to cover the event. It is only through those professional wedding albums that the wedding day would remain alive for years to come. They are sure to be your family heirlooms for years to come!
A wedding photographer is a significant part of wedding planning, and thus he should not be neglected at any cost. Getting some great wedding pictures clicked means having a successful wedding. You can only get those gorgeous photographs clicked if you have one of the top wedding photographers in Delhi to cover various wedding functions and capture those cherished moments in his lens.

  • Candid Photography in Delhi

    Candid Photography has growing in popularity and demand. After all, nothing looks better in a picture than capturing the bride and groom as well as the guests in their natural moments. Only the photographers who are an expert in catching hem unguarded and without making them conscious can deliver Candid Photography. These photographs are precious as they capture those rare moments of happiness or pure natural emotions in the frame for ever.

  • Traditional Photography in Delhi-NCR

    Many prefer the -old concept of wedding photography and wan those traditional style of photography. The wedding photographers captures the bride and the groom and the guests and relatives as they pose formally for pictures.

  • Cinematic Videography in Delhi

    Cinematic videography attempts to weave a story around the wedding and captures every special moment. The videography is a mix of clips, images, music. However, cinematic videography requires art and creativity to bring out the emotions. Moreover, the wedding photographer makes use of specialised equipment like hi-tech cameras and even drones to make cinematic videography.

  • Traditional Videography

    Traditional videography captures the wedding videography in a traditional manner. The video camera photographer simply records the events going on and follows them. There are special creative styles here and this kind of videography doesn’t require any special equipment or creativity.

  • Pre-Wedding photoshoot in Delhi

    Most couples today prefer to go for a pre-wedding photo shoots and the purpose behind is to preserve those special memories of their new-found love. After all, marriage is a special day and one wants to keep those memories fresh forever. The pre-wedding photoshoot is carried out at an outdoor location and is typically done 2 to 4 months before the wedding. Only an experienced and talented photographer can take those candid shots of a pre-wedding photo shoot.

  • Black and White Photography

    Black and White photographs have always looked classic, and this is the reason why Black and White photography always remains in demand. There is a certain charm and elegance about wedding pictures in black and white. They carry a timeless classic appeal.

  • Drone Wedding Photography in Delhi

    Drone wedding photography is a relatively new addition to the field of wedding photography. Capturing wedding moments by drones ensures a spectacular look from an aerial point of view. Drone wedding photographers are an expert with these delicate machines and create an impressive results.

  • Vintage Wedding Photography

    If you are looking for a certain sophistication and timeless feel in your wedding pictures, then just go for Vintage wedding photography. There is a certain tenderness and refinement in this very unique style of photography done in pastel colours. Vintage wedding photographers make use of colour distortion and filters to get that vintage look.

  • Artistic Wedding Photography

    With the artistic wedding photography, you can weave a remarkable story. The wedding photographer known how to create that artistic impact with the use of creative lighting, framing and other techniques.

The Ultimate Guide to Hire Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

World-class photographers are not made in a day. It is after years of working and practicing that they develop their skills. They are passionate about their work and accept assignments only from those clients who carry the same vision and passion for getting quality photographs. Their work is like a wonderful piece of art. It is only after those countless hours of practice and clicking from different angles that these leading photographers learn to create magical photos every time.

  • Things to keep in mind while booking photographers in delhi

    It is certainly not easy to select the perfect wedding photographers in Delhi. However, once you know what to look for, it need not be such a complicated process. Here are some traits to look for in a wedding photographer:

    • Look at the creativity in work: A professional wedding photographer will always have an eye for creativity, and it will show in his work and portfolio. Brilliant photographers can always imagine a shot before it actually happens and can deliver the most stunning pictures ever!

    • Great attention to details: Along with that creative angle, the top wedding photographers in Delhi give strong attention to even the slightest of details. This, what you get is the most magical photographs with every detail of the precious moments captured. You can evaluate this skill by looking at the portfolio carefully.

    • Good at communication: Another characteristic of a good wedding photographer is that he should be a strong communicator. While they speak up their mind, they must also be open to your suggestions. They must listen to all your concerns and requirements patiently and ensure that everything goes smoothly and successfully.

    • Browse their portfolio: To ensure that you hire the top wedding photographer, always go through their previous work. Get referrals and browse their past portfolios to get an idea about their work. Ask questions and make sure that you are comfortable with him.

  • Things to discuss with the photographer

    Now that you are sure that you have finalised the wedding photographer, it is time to have some important discussion with him or her. Meet the photographer and get familiar with their working style. It is a good idea to browse the portfolio on Shaadisaga. Ask about his previous work experience and see some samples. The wedding photographer should know as to which functions he needs to cover, the date, time and venue. Discuss the kind of coverage you are looking for, and it could be still photography, videography or both. Discuss the changes and your budget beforehand. Ask him about the advance payment, the date of delivery, and taxes, etc.

  • Why book photographer in delhi only from shaadisaga?

    ShaadiSaga makes sure to list only the top names in the field. Thus, when you browse the list of wedding photographers on our site, you can trust the professionals without any doubt. We have done the listings only after a strict background check and based on the quality of work as well as their past record of customer satisfaction. You can take your pick from a large number of wedding photographers, no matter which style you want - candid photography, traditional photography or drone photography! Today, Shaadisaga is a reputed name when to comes to comprehensive wedding services. What makes us different from other wedding sites are the comprehensive listings in specialised areas. When you browse the wedding photographer’s profile at Shaadisaga , you can get an accurate picture of their style, quality of work as well as the latest projects. Moreover, you can read their price and reviews too! Another big advantage is the personal guidance and support one enjoys here as well as the discount offers. At ShaadiSaga, we promise to help you find only the best in wedding professional.

  • How can Shaadisaga can help you hire the top wedding photographers in delhi?

    If you are looking forward to make the right choices when picking the best wedding photographer, then you can count on In just a few clicks, you can get a list of the best wedding photographers in Delhi and book them from the comfort of your home any time of the day or night. Shaadisaga makes things simple, easy and convenient for you. All you need to do is just mention the city where the wedding event is and fill in some simple details like the kind of wedding photography you are looking for, the number of days and the kind of functions you would like as well as your budget. The best part, there is no need to ask for referrals or get recommendations from friends and family. While there is no harm in asking friends and family for recommendations, the chances are that you will only get limited options with them and the budget will always be a concern. Why not cut out the clutter and head straight to ShaadiSaga where you can browse the top wedding photographers with a detailed portfolio, reviews and all within your budget! As soon as you send a request, the professionals will contact you within 24 hours. Also, our relationship manager will help you get the best deal.

  • Mistakes you must avoid while hiring professional photographers in Delhi?

    Now that you know what to look for in a wedding photographer and how to hire the right one, why not have a look at the common mistake to avoid when hiring a wedding photographer.

    • Avoid asking friends or relatives to cover the wedding shoot as they may be amateurs. Moreover, it is embarrassing to discuss the pricing and other favours.

    • Avoid the delay when hiring a wedding photographer as they are always in high demand and you may not get the one you are looking for.

    • Avoid interfering with the photographer’s work or advising him. Remember that he is a professional and knows what he is doing.

    • Avoid being too rigid about the costs as the top notch wedding photographers in Delhi are expensive.

    • Avoid being casual when signing the formal contract and ensure that everything is Written down in black and white.

  • Fees and Charges of Wedding Photographers In Delhi

    Good wedding photographers come with a price tag, and one should never be stingy when hiring them. The top wedding photographers in Delhi indeed need to be given a substantial place in the wedding budget. Compromising with the quality of work would mean losing out on those special, irreplaceable moments on your big day. The wedding photography starting price can range between 80k-1L for two days in Delhi.

  • Other wedding services provided by shaadisaga in Delhi-NCR Area

    Apart from the wedding photography services, there are many other essential services included at Shaadisaga:

    • Wedding Venues in Delhi: Browse through the listing of the top wedding venues especially handpicked by our experts.

    • Wedding Decorators in Delhi: Enjoy professional services from top wedding decorators in Delhi.

    • Wedding Invitation in Delhi: Explore the listing of the leading wedding invitation card makers and you are guaranteed exclusive designs plus quality services and satisfaction.

    • Wedding videography in Delhi: Get top notch wedding videos made by quality wedding videographers in Delhi.

    • Choreographers in Delhi: Hone your dance moves under the guidance of dance experts for your wedding.

    • Wedding Planners Delhi: Let the expert and experienced wedding planners handle all your hassles and let them plan your wedding while you can sit back and relax.

    • Mehndi Artists in Delhi: The wedding ceremony is incomplete without a stunning mehendi designs. Leave them to the expert mehndi artists in Delhi listed here.

Frequently asked Question about Top Wedding photographers in Delhi NCR -Area?

  • Q

    Are there any offers that I can get through ShaadiSaga on delhi photography packages?

    • ShaadiSaga offers special deals and discounts for top wedding photographers in Delhi. You can count on getting the best price and set of services only on ShaadiSaga.

  • Q

    How does ShaadiSaga help me book the best and quality wedding photographer in Delhi?

    • ShaadiSaga can help you get in touch with the top wedding photographers in Delhi with a price that is unmatched and that too in just a few clicks. All the wedding photographers on ShaadiSaga are tried and tested and have been listed only because of their high-quality work and greater customer satisfaction.

  • Q

    How do I choose the best wedding photographers in Delhi?

    • ShaadiSaga makes it very simple and easy for you if looking for the best wedding photographers in Delhi. All you need to do is just browse their section on photographers and browse the professionals listed for Delhi. Each of those leading wedding photographers is listed with samples of their work and pricing.

  • Q

    In a metro city like Delhi, how much does a wedding photographer cost?

    • In a metro city like Delhi, a wedding photographer can cost anywhere between 80, 000 to even more than Rs. 100, 000! There are budget wedding photographers in Delhi too for the budget conscious customers.

  • Q

    Can you suggest which is the best location in Delhi for a pre-wedding shoot?

    • Thankfully, Delhi boasts of several special locations that are just ideal for the pre-wedding shoot. Some of the most sought-after locations include names like Humayun’s Tomb, Lodhi Garden, Neemrana Fort, Hauz Khas Fort & Lake, Lodhi Art District, Garden of Five Senses, Okhla Bird Sanctuary, and Connaught Place.

  • Q

    What should I discuss with the photographer before booking?

    • Before you book your photographer, it is essential to ask some questions about the styles he specialises in and if he would be retouching the pictures. Enquire about his past experience and if he shoots in both digital and film, although digital is more common today. Get details of the package he is offering and compare the fees. Ask about the payment mode, any advance payment and if he would be charging for overtime. Enquire if he has any backup photographers, just in case.

  • Q

    What are the latest trends in wedding photography?

    • The latest trends one can look forward to including Authentic Candid Shots have always been popular and another trend catching on fast is Black and White photography. Drone footages are also fast gaining popularity. Many tech-savvy couples are making use of selfie shots and social media-integrated photo booths. Another trend that is fast coming up is the short photo films with wonderful sound effects.

  • Q

    Should we have separate wedding photographers for bride & groom side?

    • Sometimes couples hire just one wedding photographer to save money. However, it is always better to hire separate wedding photographers for the bride & groom side. One not only gets assured of having a second photographer but can get another set of photographs from a different perspective. Thus, it is always a good idea to have separate wedding photographers for bride & groom side.

  • Q

    What should a wedding photography package in Delhi include?

    • The wedding photography package should mention the number of events to be covered and the number of photographers who would be shooting the wedding. The photography package also lists the number of hours for the shoot as well as the number of prints and other deliverables like portraits, printed wedding album, etc. As there are different packages offered by different photographers, ensure that you are getting what you ask for and the package is most suitable for your wedding.