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Wedding photography is an art. A wedding is an emotional event and to capture those emotions in a photograph is not easy. Only the best wedding photographers in Chennai can do justice to your wedding pictures and videos. There are many different types and styles of wedding photography that are prevalent today. Gone are the days of pure traditional wedding photography where people used to stand in line to pose for a picture with the bride and groom. A good wedding album and video is an amalgamation of different photography styles. A good wedding photographer should be proficient in the various styles and offer all these services as a package. On Shaadisaga, you will find that the photography services listed here are the best in the city. To capture your special moments for eternity, book your wedding photographer with us to make sure you have a stress-free experience. Some of the services that most wedding photographers in Chennai now offer are:

  • Candid Photography in chennai

    Candid photography has become very popular, not just for weddings but for any other event as well. Candid photographers click people naturally without any conscious effort to pose or smile. Thus, the emotions captured in these pictures are real and pure. Capturing the guests and the bride and groom without their knowledge is quite interesting and only a skilled photographer can do this. A good candid photographer aims at capturing varied emotions with finesse. For this reason, candid photography is more expensive than regular, traditional photography.

  • Traditional Photography in chennai

    Traditional photography is the years old wedding photography style where people need to pose for every picture. They are asked to get ready and smile before they are clicked. There is no specific skill needed for this photography style since all you need to do is capture people as they pose formally for pictures, standing next to each other. There is not much emotion reflected in these kinds of pictures and are more like an index to remember who all were present at the wedding functions.

  • Cinematic Videography in chennai

    Cinematic Videography is similar to candid photography because it aims to capture people naturally, but in motion. A good cinematic videographer uses advanced equipment like drones and hi-tech cameras. Here a story is created using the wedding setting in such a way that it becomes the best memory of your wedding. It is a combination of clips, pictures, music and more. Making such videos definitely requires artistic and creative abilities. Showcasing the emotions of people is another objective of these videos. These videos are nostalgic. Because of the technique and creativity required in cinematic videography, it is more expensive than traditional videography.

  • Traditional Videography in chennai

    This is the regular wedding videography where the videographer moves around the wedding functions to record various happenings. This is a regular videography style, and no specialised skills are required to do this. Such videos do not bring out the emotions strongly. They don’t require any special equipment and is thus not very expensive.

  • Pre-wedding Photoshoot in chennai

    Pre-wedding photo shoots are the latest craze among couples who are to tie the knot. These Bollywood style videos are shot in beautiful locations. Also, the couple change many outfits and are shot in different settings just like in movie songs. These engagement shoots and are done 2 to 4 months before the wedding. The couple ‘pose’ for candid as well as a bit intimate shots too. For such shoots, you require a talented photographer for a fabulous outcome. If you have anything specific regarding your pre-wedding photoshoot, you must definitely discuss with your photographer.

  • Black and White Wedding Photography

    This wedding photography style is gradually becoming quite popular as black & white photos have a timeless appeal. They leave a greater impact and add a certain charm and elegance to wedding pictures. At times too many bright colours overshadow the effectiveness and emotion that a photographer is trying to capture in a picture. This is where black and white photography can come into play.

  • Drone Wedding Photography in chennai

    This is a newer technique in the field of wedding photography and can add an extremely spectacular look to your wedding pictures. Drones are being used to shoot all kinds of videos, from fashion to other events. Incorporating them into your wedding photography helps capture the wedding location with the décor, in its totality. They will capture your wedding pictures from an aerial point of view and these will truly stand out. Drones can be used to capture the most important moments of the day and are also great for group pictures. This kind of photography can be expensive since drones are delicate machines.

  • Vintage Wedding Photography

    Vintage wedding photography add a dash of old-world charm to your wedding pictures. This is a very unique style of photography and requires vintage backdrop and outfits for those perfect vintage picture. Pastel colours are usually used in vintage wedding photo shoots. An experienced photographers knows how to transform these pictures into beautiful works of art.

  • Artistic Wedding Photography

    Artistic wedding photography involves using creative framing, lighting, composition and other techniques. Artistic photography is like weaving a beautiful story. The photographer needs to be alert enough to capture the moments where they can use such techniques.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer in Chennai

A wedding photographer is an essential part of any wedding, to capture your special moments for eternity. If there are any flaws, the wedding photographer can conceal them, almost like magic. Even if your makeup artist messes up, the wedding photographer can still make you look amazing in all your pictures, which are going to be captured for posterity. Hence, this decision must be made carefully after lot of research. With Shaadisaga, you can look up the profiles of the best photographers at one spot, from the comfort of your home. Here are some of the things you should discuss with the top wedding photographers in Chennai you have shortlisted, before making a final decision.

  • Tips to choose the right wedding photographer in chennai:

    • Make a list of your requirements. List down the kind of photography you want. Decide on a budget. How many functions you want the photographer to cover?

    • It is helpful to know about the latest wedding photography trends and styles. There are specialised photographers providing services, such as pre-wedding shoots, aerial photography, cinematic photography and more. You can discuss and decide suitably.

    • Wedding photographers are generally one of the first services that most people book once the wedding date has been fixed. This is because the best wedding photographers are in great demand during peak wedding season and this is not a decision you should leave till the last minute.

    • Wedding planners generally have good contacts and can guide you to the right wedding photographer as per your requirement. Trust Shaadi Saga and you will never be disappointed.

    • Shortlist 2-3 wedding photographers and ask for quotes from all of them before making your final choice.

    • Reliable websites like have reviews and ratings for all the photographers listed on it. Browse through these before making your final decision. Also check out their work on their own websites.

  • Some Important Things to discuss with your wedding photographer Chennai

    • First jot down all the things you wish to discuss with the wedding photographer. This will ensure that you don’t miss out discussing anything important.

    • Ask the photographer about his work experience and also go through samples of his work.

    • Make yourself familiar with the photographer’s style and let him know what exactly you are looking for in the video coverage as well as the pictures.

    • Discuss the functions with him in detail to help him know where to focus. If there are any performances happening, he needs to know about the same, so that he can make sure he is present at the location at the right time.

    • Let the photographer know of your budget and your expectations from him beforehand. Decide on the amount to be paid to the photographer before you hire him. Discuss the taxes, return policy etc. You should also ask him about the number of people in his team, who will be accompanying him for all the events.

    • Ask him about the date of delivery as well, and when should you expect the albums, etc. after the events are over. A written contract may be a good idea in this regard.

    • Discuss ideas for your pre-wedding shoot, if you are interested in having one. Also, discuss candid photography beforehand.

    • Introduce the wedding photographer to close family and friends so that he knows which people to focus on more.

  • Why should you book your wedding photographer through us?

    Shaadisaga is a reputed name when it comes to making all your wedding arrangements. We have a comprehensive list of photographers in Chennai who specialise in various areas of wedding photography, such as candid photography and videography, pre-wedding photo shoots, photography using drones and still photography and videography. All these photographers have been verified with strict background checks to ensure quality. These photographers are extremely skilled at what they do, and their work speaks for itself. We have a number of top wedding photographers in Chennai listed on our website and you are sure to find one to suit your budget and requirements. You can trust us without any second thought.

  • How can ShaadiSaga help in hiring a wedding photographer?

    The best aspect of ShaadiSaga is that you don’t need to ask anyone or go anywhere hunting for top wedding photographers in Chennai. Simply register with us and browse the photographers’ profiles. The moment you contact any professional for quote, they will contact you within 24 hours. Moreover, our wedding managers will help you take the right decision and also assist in price negotiation.

  • Common mistakes people make while hiring a wedding photographer

    • Don’t take too much time to hire the best wedding photographer in Chennai . These professionals are in high demand especially in the wedding season. So, it is wise to book the best wedding photographer in Chennai at the earliest. If you take too much time to decide you may not get a wedding photographer at all.

    • Don’t get pressured into hiring an amateur friend or family member as your wedding photographer. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you should not take a chance with just anyone.

    • Don’t hire a professional who has no positive reviews. If in doubt, ask Shaadi Saga experts.

    • While you should fix a budget, be open to negotiation. Good wedding photographers do not come cheap, but the money is well-spent.

    • Don’t be casual about a formal contract. In case there is a delay in delivering the final copies, a contract will help you. Don’t trust the photographers blindly. Make sure everything is noted down and the photographer understands your expectations.

  • Wedding Photography in chennai Prices- How much does it cost?

    Wedding photography is an art and does not come cheap. The cost depends on the number of functions you want covered, the kind of photography you want, and whether you require just still photography or video coverage as well. Aerial photography using drones or candid photography require great talent and creativity and are expensive. Prices can go up to any range, depending on your requirements. The starting price of a good wedding photographer in Chennai for 2-day package is 1 lakh-1.3 lakh. In general, a wedding photography package includes a blend of candid and traditional photography and videography. The final price would depend on the number of functions. Browse the various packages and different photographers listed on Shaadisaga where you are sure to find something that will suit your budget. We will help you crack a good deal and get the best photographer for your big day.

  • What other wedding services offered By Shaadisaga in Chennai?

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    • Wedding decorators in Chennai: If you’re looking for wedding decorators in Chennai, then your search ends at Find the best wedding decorators in Chennai listed on our website, to suit all budgets and requirements.

    • Wedding invitations in Chennai: Find the best wedding invitation designers on our website and customise your card as per your desire.

    • Choreographers in Chennai: Dance is an intrinsic part of any Indian wedding. Find the best choreographers only on our website.

    • Wedding planners in Chennai: Make your wedding a stress-free event. Hire a wedding planner from our extensive website to have a stress-free wedding. Enjoy the celebrations while someone else does all the coordinating for you.

    • Bridal makeup artists in Chennai: This is one of the most important aspects of any wedding and no bride is complete without the perfect makeup. Choose one from the numerous expert makeup artists listed on our website, to get the perfect look.

    • Mehendi artists in Chennai: As essential as your make-up, no bride is complete without intricate mehendi designs on her hands and feet. Mehendi is an essential part of any bride’s attire. Choose from a large number of make-up artists listed on our website.

Frequently asked question about top wedding photographers in chennai

  • Q

    Where can I find best professional wedding photographers in Chennai?

    • Shaadisaga has the best wedding photographers of Chennai listed on its website. You don’t need to look any further than our website to find the best professional wedding photographers in Chennai.

  • Q

    Can you suggest the top 5 locations for a pre-wedding shoot in Chennai or nearby?

    • Chennai has a number of beautiful gardens and other locations for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Depending upon your requirements, your photographer will be able to guide you towards a the best pre-wedding locations.

  • Q

    What is the cost of wedding photographers in Chennai?

    • The price depends on your requirements and the style of photography you require. The cost of wedding photographers starts from 1 lakh and can go up to Rs. 2 lakhs.

  • Q

    Are there any discounts on wedding photography packages in Chennai that I can get through ShaadiSaga?

    • ShaadiSaga has negotiated the best rates with all the photographers listed on the website. However, once you register with us, we will assign a wedding manager to you, who will help you negotiate a good price as well as discounts.

  • Q

    Can you suggest some tips for choosing the top wedding photographer in Chennai?

    • Before choosing a wedding photographer, there are some tips you can keep in mind. Make a list of all your requirements and discuss them with the photographers and see who can fulfil your requirements. You also need to see which photographer is available on the dates of your functions. Also, make sure you book your photographer through a reliable portal like and do so at the earliest.

  • Q

    What are other wedding services I can book for my wedding on shaadisaga in chennai?

    • Shaadisaga is your one-stop shop for all wedding related services. Book your makeup artist, wedding venue, decoration, choreographer, mehendi artist and so much more, only through our website.

  • Q

    What are the main things to discuss with photographers before hiring them?

    • Before you hire a wedding photographer, check their availability on the dates of your events. Discuss your requirements and the kind of photography or videography you are looking for. Ask him about his work experience and samples of previous work. Discuss all your functions in detail with him and what your expectations are. Discuss his charges and your budget and fix a price before you book him; Don’t leave it for later.

  • Q

    What are the latest trends in wedding photography and do the photographers in Chennai listed here offer the same?

    • The current trends in wedding photography are inclined towards candid photography and cinematic videography. The natural images capture emotions like no-other and are extremely popular. Drone photography, black and white photography and artistic photography are getting exceedingly popular amongst people. However, traditional photography is still a must and you may add a sprinkling of these pictures through your wedding album and videos.

  • Q

    Should we have separate wedding photographers for the bride & groom side?

    • This is something that really depends on the understanding between both the sides. It really depends on you whether you hire one photographer to cover all the functions or separate photographers for both the sides. It may save you quite a bit in terms of cost if you do hire the same photographer for the bride & groom side.