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Where would the makeup be done?

At the Makeup Artist's Studio

At the Venue of my event

Anywhere is fine

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Makeup Artists in Rayagada

  • Q

    Are there any offers on bridal makeup packages in Rayagada that I can get through ShaadiSaga?

    • Oh yes! Bridal makeup artist is ShaadiSaga’s most popular service. A lot of top-notch bridal makeup artists in Rayagada on ShaadiSaga offer huge discounts and packages on booking through ShaadiSaga. Several bridal makeup artists in Rayagada are also offering free bridal makeup trials. Ask your ShaadiSaga wedding manager for ongoing offers & discounts. You can also check out our budget bridal makeup packages in Rayagada -
  • Q

    How does ShaadiSaga help me book the perfect bridal makeup artist in Rayagada?

    • Verified bridal makeup artists only - All the bridal makeup artists on ShaadiSaga have gone through a strict background check to ensure high quality of work & customer satisfaction.
    • 100s of Bridal Makeup Artists in Rayagada who provide a wide variety of services - from new-age airbrush makeup & HD makeup to the traditional regular makeup. We have bridal makeup artists in Rayagada in all affordability ranges - from budget to premium segment.
    • When you request for quotation from a bridal makeup artist or any other wedding service provider, you are assigned a dedicated ShaadiSaga wedding manager, who will assist you in choosing the best bridal makeup artist in Rayagada based on your specific requirements, in negotiating prices & booking. And relax, there are no charges for any of this :)
  • Q

    What is the average price for bridal makeup artist in Rayagada?

    • Average price for bridal makeup artist in Rayagada will depend on the type of makeup you’re choosing - airbrush, HD or regular. It will also depend on how many number of bridal makeup sessions that you want to book the bridal makeup artist for. Prices for one session of regular/HD bridal makeup may start from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 30000. Charges for makeup of guests or bridesmaid are usually separate but a lot lesser. ShaadiSaga has options of all affordability range, including budget bridal makeup artists in Rayagada . Just put in a query & be assured that your ShaadiSaga wedding manager will get you the best deal in your budget.
  • Q

    What all wedding services in Rayagada can I book through ShaadiSaga?

    • You can book a wide range of wedding services in Rayagada & almost all Indian cities through ShaadiSaga - Wedding Photographers, Bridal Makeup Artists, Mehndi Artists, Venues (banquets halls, farmhouses, resorts, etc.), Wedding Decorators & Florists, Bridal Designers, Invitation Designers and printers, Wedding Planners, Choreographers, Transportation, Cakes, Trousseau packers, and a lot many. Just check them all out here -
  • Q

    What should I keep in mind before booking my bridal makeup artist?

    • What does the bridal makeup package include and exclude
    • Availability of dates and time and how many booking does your bridal makeup artist have on the same day
    • Who will be coming to the venue - whether the head or an alternative, and how many people. Clarify this in advance to avoid any last minute surprises!
    • Ask for a trial before finalising if needed
    • For outstation weddings, it is necessary to confirm how comfortable the bridal makeup artist is in travelling along. Travel and accommodation logistics and clarity on who would bear the charges is required. It is generally accepted that these are paid for by the bride.
    • About the makeup lights! Discuss who is bringing it. If you have to arrange for it, make sure you know where to get supplies from.
    • Try not to rely on a verbal contract. Sign a written contract!
    • Check out our blogs on bridal makeup artists here -
  • Q

    Should I have my makeup done at the makeup artist’s studio or at my event venue?

    • Salon: Bridal makeup artists in a salon have a hierarchy of artists (Head, Senior and Junior) and charges vary as per their position. Head artist charges the most. If a salon makeup artist is travelling to your location, she will charge 50-100% extra as she would be bringing her kit, artists and lights (almost her salon to your place)
    • Freelance bridal makeup artists: They usually have a head and a set of assistants (which includes a hairstylist). They typically carry makeup lights to the location.

Hiring Guide for Bridal Makeup Artists in Rayagada

  • Services offered by Bridal Makeup Artists in Rayagada

    • Airbrush Makeup - This is the latest style wherein the makeup artist uses a small makeup air compressor, an airbrush gun, and special water-based or silicone-based airbrush foundation which is very thin. This allows a consistent application of foundation which sits evenly on the skin, & it's very light weight! The final result gives you a very natural, yet very finished and polished look.
      If you’re confused about what service to go for, have a look at our blog post here :
    • Regular Makeup - Traditional style of Makeup done with tools as you know & use at home - brush, sponge or a duo fiber brush. So as you would suspect, the application of traditional foundation will be of thicker consistency.
    • Guest Makeup - Usually traditional style of Makeup for your bridesmaids, family members, friends, etc.
    • Trial Makeup - If you need a Trial session with the Bridal Makeup Artist before booking. Different Bridal Makeup Artists have different trial policies - some give a trial for free, some charge a fee for it, others will adjust it only if you book them.
  • Services included in a typical Bridal Makeup package in Rayagada

    • Makeup of your choice - Airbrush/HD/Regular
    • Hairstyling
    • Draping (Dupatta or Saree)
    • Nail painting
  • Things to keep in mind at a makeup trial

    • Click pictures (arre haan selfies, bhai) in different lights (Day light + Artificial light) and see if it suits your complexion.
    • See how your makeup is holding up and for how long, and see if it suits your skin type
    • Ask yourself - Does it feel too loud for your liking? Or too subtle? Has the makeup artist managed to conceal your dark circles, blemishes, acne marks?
  • Helpful TIPs on booking a bridal makeup artist in Rayagada

    • Try to finalise only one bridal makeup artist for all wedding functions to avoid any confusion.
    • Having the same bridal makeup artist will ensure that you look different for each function.
    • While you are finalising one bridal makeup artist try to keep one as a backup plan (get trials done, get a rough idea of the pricing). Just in case of any last minute cancellations.
    • Ideally artists offer reduced packages when booked for multiple ceremonies.
    • The advance is not refunded in case you end up cancelling your booking.
    • Bridal Makeup Artists are generally willing to travel all across locations given their travel and accommodation charges are paid for.
    • Don’t confuse a freelance makeup artist as a fresher.
    • Once you have booked your bridal makeup artist, make sure to call them a week prior to your wedding functions. (As a reminder!)