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Where would the makeup be done?

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At the Venue of my event

Anywhere is fine

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All brides want to look perfect on their wedding day, and makeup is an intrinsic part of looking gorgeous. It is important to book the best makeup artist in Kolkata to give you the look you desire. Bridal makeup artists are professionals who know how to give you the right look so that you don’t look over the top and also look gorgeous in all the wedding photographs. The makeup expert knows how to make the makeup stay for hours and withstand the harsh lights. You can find the best makeup artists in Kolkata listed on the ShaadiSaga website. The top makeup artists in Kolkata provide many services.

  • Types Of Services Provided By Makeup Artists in Kolkata

  • Bridal Makeup

    Hiring a makeup artist for bridal makeup for the wedding day plays a crucial role in the way you look. Go for a makeup artist who is experienced in the latest ways like airbrush makeup and HD makeup apart from regular makeup.

  • Pre-bridal Services in kolkata

    Pre-bridal services include complete beauty package with services like facials, de-tan treatments, body polishing, body waxing, bleach, manicure, pedicure, threading, hair spa and much more. These services are divided over various sessions and start a couple of weeks before the wedding.

  • Hair-dos and pin-ups

    A bridal makeup artist has an entire team of artists with him/her. These people specialise in making hair styles, saree draping and other things. Most bridal packages include pin-ups and hair-do’s for the bride.

  • Guest Makeup in kolkata

    Apart from the bride, there may be others in the bridal party who want to get their hair and makeup done by professionals, such as the bridesmaids, the bride’s mother, aunt, sisters, etc. You can work out a package deal with your makeup artist to include makeup and hair for a few others.

  • Sari/lehenga Draping

    This is generally a part of all bridal makeup packages. The bridal makeup artists’ team will help the bride drape her sari or lehenga. They can also help your guests with draping their outfits at an extra price.

Ultimate Guide to Hire Best Makeup Artists in Kolkata?

  • Some Quick Tips For Booking makeup artists in Kolkata

    • There is no need to ask friends and relatives anymore. If you want to know which is the best bridal makeup artists in Kolkata, simply browse through our website and you will find several professional makeup artists in Kolkata listed with us.

    • If you like any bridal artist’s profile, check its complete details including rating and reviews online. Check the pictures posted by makeup artists of their previous work. See the different looks they can create for different functions.

    • Go online and see what most bridal makeup packages by top makeup artists in Kolkata include. This will give you an idea of what to get included in your package and what to negotiate for when booking your makeup artist in Kolkata.

    • Compare the price of various artists and check the ones that fit your budget in detail. You should stick to a budget but be a little flexible while negotiating for a package. It’s your special day, when all eyes are going to be on you, so it’s okay if you end up spending a little extra.

    • Do your research and finalise a top makeup artists in Kolkata at the earliest and book him/her. People book makeup artists much in advance. So, don’t delay if you want book one of the best makeup artists in Kolkata. Don’t take too much time to decide.

    • Don’t forget to check the availability of the makeup artist of your choice. Moreover, if you want to get ready at home or the venue of the function, you need to check if the makeup artist of your choice is willing to do that.

    • Shortlist 2-3 makeup artists of your choice and ask them for a quote.

    • Do take a trial before you finalise one makeup artist. Check that the makeup artist is using good quality makeup products.

  • Things You Should Discuss With Your Bridal Makeup Artist in Kolkata

    • Give the dates and timing of your various functions to the makeup artist. Before they confirm to you, they need to see if they are available on those dates.

    • You need to inform the makeup artists beforehand if you want them to come to the venue to help you get ready. Some makeup artists are not willing to travelling to the venue and prefer to work from their studio. Hence, this is something you need to confirm beforehand.

    • Discuss the kind of look you want for your various functions. Show your outfits to the makeup artist beforehand, and discuss about the different look for hair and makeup for each of your functions. Once this is decided, it becomes easy on the wedding day and saves time.

    • Discuss the details of the package and don’t take anything for granted. Ask what your bridal package will include. If there are other people who want help getting ready, then ask your makeup artist for separate quotes for that, depending on the additional number of people.

    • Find out the number of people in the artists’ team. If you have booked a package which includes hair and makeup for a number of people, the makeup artist needs to get enough people so that there is no chaos and confusion and rush.

    • Make sure that you take a trial beforehand and also if it is paid or complimentary. You can try different looks and take pictures under different lighting to see how you photograph in all.

    • Don’t forget to check the brand of products that the makeup artist uses.

  • Why should you book your makeup artist with Shaadisaga?

    • Shaadisaga is one of the most reliable wedding portals to find the best bridal makeup artist in Kolkata. It is a one-stop solution for all your wedding-related needs and services.

    • All the services and vendors listed on our website have been verified by our experts.

    • We do extremely strict and stringent background checks to ensure that quality is not compromised.

    • All the makeup artists have been reviewed and rated by other customers to give you an idea about the work they do, and this can also help you in deciding. All these makeup artists are updated with the latest techniques and trends of bridal makeup.

  • How does ShaadiSaga help in hiring the best make-up artist?

    You need to first register on ShaadiSaga and go through various profiles of makeup professionals in Kolkata. Next, you can shortlist a few and ask for quotes. When you ask a makeup artist about contact information or request for a quote through ShaadiSaga, we send your request to the makeup artist & they will respond to you within 24 hours. We will assign a relationship manager to assist you if you need help in negotiating the best deal. All the makeup artists listed on our website provide extremely high-quality work to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid while Booking a Makeup Artist in Kolkata

    • Don’t hire an amateur just because he is available at a cheap price or is a distant relative. Remember, it is your special day and you should not make any compromises.

    • Some people can’t decide and keep thinking which makeup artist to book. However, you should not take too long to decide since the best makeup artists in Kolkata get booked months before the wedding date.

    • If you are getting your makeup done at the venue, then you need to ensure that you have a quiet and nice room with enough lighting and without any disturbances and people going in and out. The makeup artist does not need any distractions while working.

    • At times, people book their makeup artist without taking a trial. That is a mistake, because what looked good on someone else, may not look the same on you. Book your makeup artist only after taking a trial with them.

    • Hire a professional makeup artist who has positive reviews online and hire only through our reliable portal, if you don’t want to go wrong.

    • Don’t take things for granted and never be casual in your approach. Make sure you have discussed each and everything with your makeup artist and he/she has understood your requirements.

  • Cost of Booking a Bridal Makeup Artist in Kolkata

    Bridal makeup is an art that does not come cheap. However, you will find that we have worked out the best deals with all the makeup artists in Kolkata listed on our website. You will find bridal makeup artists offering packages around Rs. 10,000- Rs. 12,000. The cost of a bridal makeup artist will depend on your requirements and the kind of makeup you want. For example, airbrush makeup and HD makeup are more expensive than regular bridal makeup. Moreover, the charges for guest makeup will be additional and you can work out a package with the makeup artist.

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Frequently Asked Question About Makeup artists in Kolkata

  • Q

    Can I get a discount when I book makeup artists in Kolkata through Shaadisaga?

    • ShaadiSaga has the best makeup artists in Kolkata listed on its website. We have negotiated the best prices with them, but you can negotiate for further discounts depending on your requirements. Once you register with us, we will assign a wedding manager to you who will help you in getting the best possible rates.

  • Q

    How much is the cost of makeup artists in Kolkata?

    • The price that a makeup artist charges depends on your requirements and the kind of makeup you want. On Shaadisaga, you will find bridal makeup packages for Rs. 10,000- Rs. 12,000.

  • Q

    What types of services are included in bridal makeup packages in Kolkata?

    • The bridal package mainly includes bridal makeup for various functions as previously discussed. Generally, all bridal makeup packages include hair-dos and pin-ups for the bride and draping of the sari/lehenga. Depending on your requirements, you may also take a pre-bridal package including services such as waxing, facial, clean-ups, manicure, pedicure etc.

  • Q

    What are the main things you have to kept in mind before hiring a makeup artist in Kolkata?

    • Before you confirm a makeup artist, be sure to take a trial. If you want the makeup to be done at the venue, be sure to inform him/her of the same before booking, since they may not be willing to travel. Do check out samples of their previous work and book someone who comes recommended. Don’t forget to check the reviews of all the makeup artists you are considering. It is also necessary that you check that the makeup artist uses good quality makeup. Discuss your requirements in detail and make sure that the makeup artist has understood what you want.

  • Q

    Are the bridal makeup artists in Kolkata listed on Shaadisaga professionals?

    • Shaadisaga only lists those vendors whose services have been verified by our experts. We do strict background checks to ensure that the customer gets the best professional services. Hence, we have only professional makeup artists listed on our website with years of experience in this industry.

  • Q

    Are there any other wedding services offered by Shaadisaga in Kolkata?

    • Shaadisaga offers all wedding-related services on its website. It makes it very easy for you to finalise all services and vendors for your wedding from the comfort of your home. Be it the wedding venue, decorators, bridal outfits, wedding photographers, the best mehendi artists, choreographers and so much more.

  • Q

    Should I have my makeup done at the artists’ studio or the wedding venue?

    • You can get your makeup done either at your place or at the makeup studio of the professional. If you choose to get ready at the artists’ studio, there is a chance of reaching late to the venue in case you get traffic. So choose this option if you are sure that reaching to the venue on time won’t be a problem. Some artists prefer to work from their studio where the lighting is perfect and they have all their required equipment. If you need the artist to come to the venue, it is something you should discuss with them before booking them.