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Where would the makeup be done?

At the Makeup Artist's Studio

At the Venue of my event

Anywhere is fine

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Hire the Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore

Are you camera-ready for D-Day? Well, every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day. They need a professional touch to help them glow and dazzle on this special day. ShaadiSaga is your go-to wedding planning website, which can help make your search for the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore extremely easy and convenient. We are a one-stop platform to handle every aspect of your wedding functions that includes booking wedding venue, decorators, photographers, videographers, choreographers, bridal designers, mehndi artists, printing wedding invitations and so much more.

  • Services Offered by the Makeup Artists in Bangalore
    You can be the showstopper if you hire one of the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore. At ShaadiSaga, you can find some of the best makeup artists in Bangalore to help you plan your wedding day look in advance. The makeup professionals at ShaadiSaga offer all-inclusive bridal makeup packages in Bangalore. Most importantly, you can choose your kind of makeup you want to get done as per your personality and preferences. Take your pick from airbrush, regular or HD makeup. The top bridal makeup artists in Bangalore employ the best makeup techniques to create the most photogenic look on your D-day. They have time-tested experience in bridal makeup, evident from the high rating they have acquired from happy and satisfied customers over the years.

  • Airbrush makeup in Bangalore

    This makeup is the current trend in bridal makeup. Thin, lightweight, water-based or silicone-based foundation is applied by using an airbrush gun or tiny makeup air compressor. The intention is to give the bride a smooth, toned and natural look.

  • Regular Makeup in bangalore

    This happens to be the traditional way of getting makeup done by using common tools, such as sponge, brush or a duo fibre brush. Generally, the foundation applied cannot be given an even look as when applied using the airbrush technique. But, the best makeup artists in Bangalore can create a wonderful look even then.

  • HD Makeup in bangalore

    This is a very good option to get the flawless look you have often seen on celebrities. High-definition makeup helps you get that picture-perfect look when you are in focus on HD cameras or video recorders. HD makeup helps to hide blemishes or unevenness of skin texture.

  • Guest Makeup in bangalore

    Weddings call for a big gathering of bridesmaids, friends, and near and dear ones of the family. Everybody wants to look good for a wedding function. Bridal makeup artists also offer makeup and draping services for guests at the wedding.

The Ultimate Guide to Hire Top Makeup Artists in Bangalore

Picking out the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore is no easy job because everyone is highly skilled and experienced. A trial is the best way for you to decide who you want to book for your wedding functions, or you have to bank on referrals from friends or family.

  • Some Quick Tips to book Top Quality Makeup artists in bangalore

    • Good research on the current bridal makeup fashion trends can give you ideas about the kind of makeup you would like done and the artist who can give you the best look.

    • Check out makeup artists’ portfolio and also the packages offered by various makeup artists.

    • After you shortlist the top bridal makeup artists in Bangalore, ask for quotes for trial sessions as well as for the actual event. It is always best to be sure about the bridal look that you have opted for. A trial session with a bridal makeup artist can give you assurance and confidence in the makeup artist and can also help you be certain about the look you want.

    • During trial, check whether your makeup is staying for a long duration and also that the makeup gels with your skin type and complexion.

    • Take pictures after the trial under different lighting and see how it is looking. You know what looks best on you, so get it discussed with the makeup artist before trial session.

    • The makeup artist is a professional with years of experience. While you should tell him/her clearly about the look you want, do not be over-imposing. Listen to their ideas and suggestions, since they are the experts.

    • Finalize one bridal makeup artist to help you get ready for all your functions. Because this artist will be aware of the various looks for all your functions, he/she will make sure you do not look the same during the myriad wedding functions and rituals.

    • Plan your budget and then start your search. ShaadiSaga has an extensive list of artists offering bridal makeup in Bangalore with prices to suit all budgets and requirements.

    • Book your makeup artist months in advance to avoid the last-minute rush and get the right bridal makeup package prices. You can avail discounts if you book the artist for multiple ceremonies.

  • Things to Discuss with your Makeup Artist Before the Functions

    With a bridal makeup artist listed with ShaadiSaga, you can be sure of the best quality at amazing prices.

    • You should first check the availability of the makeup artist on the dates when you have your functions.

    • Discuss your requirements in detail, such as the kind of makeup and hairdo you want.

    • Every detail regarding wedding wardrobe, hair styling and type and brands of makeup to be used should be discussed with the wedding makeup artists.

    • Check if the makeup artist offers a trial and whether it is paid or complimentary.

    • Discuss the details of the bridal package. Find out if hair-dos and draping of the sari/lehenga are also part of the package.

    • Discuss if the makeup artist will come to the venue, if that’s where you want to get your makeup done. Also, if it is a destination wedding discuss beforehand who will bear the expenses for travel and accommodation.

    • Do check for discounts and if the artist provides any complimentary services.

  • Why should you book your bridal makeup artists in Bangalore only from ShaadiSaga?

    Over the years, we have emerged as India’s most trusted wedding planning platform. We are a trustworthy name who can help you find top bridal makeup artists in Bangalore who are our valued partners. We can help you with negotiations and discussions and help you get the best possible prices for the best makeup artists. ShaadiSaga helps you with end-to-end planning of all your wedding requirements on one platform.

  • Charges of Top Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore

    Bridal makeup comes at a cost. It is not a service that comes cheap and you have a number of options to choose from. Shaadisaga has a number of artists listed on the website from which you can take your pick depending upon the budget and your requirements. The minimum charges for regular bridal makeup start at Rs. 8,000-10,000 and can go up. Generally, bridal packages include trial sessions with the bride-to-be, discussion about the makeup brands and the overall look you would like during different functions and rituals. Bridesmaids and guest makeup charges are separate, but if you book the makeup artist for multiple functions they can get better rates with a discount.

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Frequently asked Question About Best Makeup Artists in Bangalore

  • Q

    Should I have my makeup done at the makeup artist’s studio or at my event venue?

    • It is better to get the makeup done at the artist’s studio because it is cost-effective. Makeup artists charge extra to come to the venue, especially if it is a destination wedding. However, it is convenient for the artist to do makeup at his/he studio because the lighting is perfect and their equipment is close at hand.

  • Q

    Can I know what is the cost of bridal makeup artists in Bangalore?

    • Price tags of the top bridal makeup artists in Bangalore vary depending on their experience and scope of services. It depends on what type of service you are choosing. If you opt for regular bridal makeup, the starting rate for that will be from Rs. 6000. Airbrush and HD makeup are more expensive and range from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000. If you book an artist for all the functions and also for the makeup of the bridesmaids and the guests, then you can negotiate for a good discount. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find someone who will meet your budget and other requirements on Shaadisaga.

  • Q

    Can I get any discount or offers from ShaadiSaga on bridal makeup packages in Bangalore?

    • We have enlisted on our portal top bridal makeup artists in Bangalore who are happy to provide good discounts on bridal packages on booking through ShaadiSaga. Some even offer complimentary trial sessions. Also, once you register with us, we will assign a wedding manager to you, who will help you negotiate with the artist and get you the best possible discounts.

  • Q

    What do bridal makeup packages in Bangalore include?

    • Bridal makeup packages include draping of the wedding dress, hair styling of the bride and regular makeup of the bridesmaid and the female guests. Trial sessions, either free or paid, are part of exclusive makeup packages for brides in Bangalore. If you have any specific requirements, you can discuss those with the makeup artist and she can customise your package as per your needs.

  • Q

    I don't how to book. Can Shaadisaga help me with the bookings makeup artists in Bangalore?

    • Why worry, when you have the best wedding planners at ShaadiSaga. A dedicated manager will guide you at every step of the way when you are booking your vendors. They will help you with discussions and negotiation of prices. You will get constant updates about the process.

  • Q

    How can ShaadiSaga help me hire the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore?

    • ShaadiSaga planners take every care to provide verified bridal makeup artists in Bangalore. We do a thorough background check to ensure that we list only the top-class makeup service providers. Depending on your requirements, our wedding experts will guide you right from the time you ask for a quotation to finalising the deal with the bridal makeup artist you have shortlisted. They will help you single out the best option and facilitate the negotiation process.

  • Q

    Are the makeup artists in Bangalore listed on ShaadiSaga professionals and trustworthy?

    • Yes, the makeup artists in Bangalore listed on ShaadiSaga are professionals and trustworthy. Good ratings and testimonials of happy brides and clients prove this fact. At ShaadiSaga, we can assure that you will make no wrong decision in hiring the best makeup artist for your daughter, sister, friend or yourself.

  • Q

    Is there anything I should keep in mind before hiring the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore?

    • It is always better to check the portfolio, credentials and price tags before hiring the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore. Here are some things you should keep in mind before you book your artist:

      • Check that the makeup artist you have selected is available on the dates of your functions.

      • Check what all your bridal makeup package includes.

      • Ask whether the bride needs to go to the salon or whether the makeup artist can come to the wedding venue.

      • Ask for a trial session before the final booking.

      • In cases of destination weddings, it is good to clarify whether the makeup artist would be comfortable to travel to the venue. If so, who is supposed to bear the transport and accommodation expenses of the makeup artists.

      • Always insist on a written contract. It is better to avoid a verbal contract.

  • Q

    Are there any other wedding services offered by ShaadiSaga in Bangalore?

    • ShaadiSaga offers a number of services in Bangalore as well as other Indian cities. You can choose your wedding venues (plush banquet halls, resorts, farmhouses, and likewise) through us. We help you in finding bridal dress designers, makeup artists, mehndi artists, florists, wedding decorators, invitation designers, card printers, choreographers, photographers and videographers.