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Your Ultimate D-Day Check List: 15 Things to Check before your Wedding Day

Neha Garg, 27 Nov 2015

All set for the most important day of your life? Not just yet. Not until you run a last-minute check on every aspect of your wedding. The final month before the wedding goes by in such a flash, it’s only natural to lose track of things. Fret not, we have you covered. As you approach your D-day, here’s a checklist that you can refer to and ensure that everything is on track. From your outfit essentials to the service providers, the following list has everything! Read, read.

Keep your wedding outfit and accessories in one place.


Picture Source: Dream Diaries Take your entire outfit out the night before the wedding, and assemble each and every accessory in one place. This includes your outfit, jewelry, flowers (if any), and footwear.

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Confirm with all your vendors.

Bougainvilla Picture Source: Bougainvilla Design No one likes last-minute cancellations. Call up all your vendors a day or two in advance and confirm them with the date and time of your wedding so as to avoid any hassles.

Handover copies of the list of vendors with their numbers to your supervisor.

2 Picture Source: Pinterest A supervisor if you have one, or your parents or uncles, who you can trust with your life. You see, you’ll be busy with the proceedings, salon appointments, and what not, and so, it’s essential that at least one or two of your extended family members has the information of all your vendors.

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Create an itinerary for the wedding venue and communicate to your guests.

Having a destination wedding? Or chosen a venue that’s “off the beaten path”? Prepare directions for the venue and share them with everyone, a day before the wedding. This way, they won’t keep calling you for directions while you’re busy getting ready.

Keep extra cash in hand.

Duh, it’s a wedding, after all! With so many guests arriving, you never know what inventory your vendors fall short of. Don’t just rely on ATMs; instead, carry enough money with you at all times so that you are able to address any issue that may crop up in the middle of the day.

Keep one driver for yourself.

Your salon appointment is one of the most important things to be addressed on the wedding day. At least a day in advance, make sure that you have someone who can drive you till there.

Have your best friend/sister keep an emergency kit handy.


Picture Source: Tuhina Chopra Photoworks Safety pins, clutchers, extra bangles (in case you’re wearing the glass ones), bobby pins, nail paint, and perfume – you never know what you might need. Trust your bestie to take care of that for you!

Assign her to also be in charge of your eating.

Well, of course. With so much happening, it’s natural to lose your appetite and forget about food. Let her take care of your meals, so that you stay energetic all day long, and don’t faint away!

Have a final talk with your photographers.


Picture Source: Virtual Photography Studio They’re the people who’ll capture your most important day in a frame. Take some time out off the hullabaloo, meet them at the venue an evening before the wedding, and discuss with them the décor elements you’d like to capture. Believe us, it’s a totally different discussion once you’re at the venue.

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Hand over your song list to your DJ.


Picture Source: North Water Star Got an entry song, a first dance song, a playlist for the entire wedding? Make sure to hand it over to your DJ in time. Make multiple copies of the playlist so that there’s no last-minute goof-up of music at the wedding.

Keep the wedding favors ready.


Picture Source: maharani weddings Are they all packed and set to be handed over? Make sure to check them all the day before, and keep them stored in a corner. This way, at the time of the wedding, all you need to do is, bring them from one place to another and hand them over. That’s it.

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Pack for your honeymoon beforehand.


Picture Source: RealWedding|Shaadisaga The last thing you want to do as soon as you’re done with the wedding is pack a hefty suitcase or your honeymoon. Therefore, keep it packed beforehand, and add last-minute essentials just the night before so that you’re all set to take off right after the wedding.

Don’t have “too much fun” the night before.


Picture Source: CoolBluez Photography The last thing you want to be is hungover on your wedding day. If you’re celebrating your last night as a bachelor, make sure you limit your consumption of alcohol.

Make sure to get enough sleep.

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! You don’t want to wake up all groggy and irritated due to the lack of sleep. Therefore, sleep on time.

Keep yourself calm throughout the wedding.


Picture Source: Cupcake Productions One thing you need to understand: there’s only so much you can do during the 11th hour. Just keep the faith, that it’s all going to be a lot of fun. What matters is what comes after this huge event. So, don’t forget to keep calm and enjoy this day that you’re never going to experience again in this lifetime.

Featured Image Source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

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