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“You Don’t Need a Lot of Makeup to Feel Great”: Interview with Delhi-based Makeup Artist Chandni Singh

Neha Garg, 28 Aug 2015

One of Delhi’s most sought-after makeup artists, Chandni Singh has worked with elite magazine brands such as Elle and Marie Claire, and delivered her services to renowned brands like Coca Cola, Nescafe, and Barista. Her clients can’t get enough of her, and the students at her salon academy couldn’t have found a better mentor. In the ever-evolving makeup industry with a slew of makeup artists striving to create a name for themselves, we’re proud to see how each of Chandni’s brides look happier and content with their selves. Chandni specializes in natural makeup, and her prominence is not only Delhi but many other major cities in the country, is a testament to her success. We caught hold of her for an exclusive tete-a-tete with regards to her work, her ideas, and her take on the latest trends. Read up on and discover makeup from an all new perspective:

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How and when did your journey as a makeup Artist begin? It was at the age of 17 that I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist. I used to model, and was always more interested in knowing what my makeup was doing to my face. I started my career back in 2004, and spent lavishly on makeup essentials. For example, I bought my first set of brushes worth INR 2400 and some makeup worth INR 14,000. I’ll never forget the day! What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

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Haha, that is for you to tell me! Perhaps, you should ask my clients about this. But, yes, the feedback I usually get is that I make them look gorgeous without the extra layers, and that the services and the staff at my salon are extremely professional. How did you get your first assignment? I happened to get it by chance. I met a lady at someone's residence who was looking for a makeup artist for a shoot. And there it was, my first assignment. I earned my first INR 1000 then! What do you love the most about doing makeup?

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I love the whole transformation that happens. The power of makeup is such that it can greatly  enhance your personality. It’s all about accentuating your features, and highlighting what’s already your look’s USP. Were you fond of applying makeup ever since you were a little girl? Yes, a lot! In fact a lot more, because my mother had her own salon (Smiles) Do you do a trial run or consultation?

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Clients do have access to me, and yes, I do trials. That, however, comes at a price.

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What kind of makeup do you use? Do you airbrush? According to me, gorgeous eyes, light lips and dewy skin never fail! To answer your second question, yes, I do both, regular and airbrush makeup. What is the one thing that anyone can do to be their most beautiful self?

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Use a minimal amount of makeup in their everyday routine just to feel incredible and better with each day. Trust me, you do not need a lot of makeup to feel great. Just 10 minutes, and you’re sorted. What is your favorite summer 2015 beauty trend? Deep wine lips. I love the trend whole-heartedly. What, according to you, are three makeup items that no woman leave home without? Concealer, compact and lipstick (at one go) What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

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I think the  fact that I have to deliver every single time, and match up to the expectations of my clients is the biggest challenge. Also, it’s a challenge to keep reinventing yourself, and acknowledge the fact that each client is different. You regularly work with many beautiful women around us. How does that shape your definition of beauty? For me, beauty is not just a gorgeous face. I love unusual faces. I love dusky skin and square-shaped faces. I love women of substance who know what they are and what they want. The ideal beautiful woman, according to me, is kind and smiles a lot. More than anything, she loves herself. What is the best part of teaching makeup aspirants the art of makeup and brush?


I love the passion they share for this art, and it feels incredible to mentor them. I just love it when they start working and keep sending me their body of work with a note of thanks for my guidance. Teacher’s day has become a very memorable day for me now, as they shower me with so much love on that particular day. What is your favorite holiday destination? Anywhere I get to soak in the sun, enjoy the sand with a drink in hand :) What is your favorite cuisine? Italian. Definitely! Lastly, how do you define a makeup artist? A makeup artist is a person who understands, that beauty is just not a gorgeous face. It’s all about how you can transform someone into a prettier version of themselves, without the overdone layers. All of this whilst keeping their taste in mind, and giving them gorgeous images for a lifetime.

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Shaadisaga wishes Chandni Singh, a journey full of success and smiles :)