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You Couldn't Have Thought Of Announcing Your Wedding Like This

Bhavika Vallecha, 29 Nov 2017

While weddings are all gold and glitter on the outside, they're the final outcome of sleepless nights, days of husting for the venue, vendors, caterers, managing your bank accounts, hundreds of outfit trials and most of all keeping intact of your emotions. 

We've come across one such ''Save The Date'' announcement which shows what it is like to actually plan out a wedding in the most fun way ever. 

This is the love story of Monika & Himanshu who met by accident and bonded by love. They decided to tie the knot after a couple of reconsiderations as both of them are poles apart by nature and were also by miles. 

'Opposites Attract' worked for them and also Himanshu's great cooking skills was a major reason *This Woman Got Lucky*

About Monika

The birth giver of Event Pitara and crazy by nature. She loves to travel and read and cant stay her feet at home for long. 

About Himanshu

Shy and calm by nature and an Architect and Urban Designer by profession. With skills of being a good cook, he loves music, outdoor sports and trekking.

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