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The year 2020 has been nothing short of surprises and now with the winters approaching, we are only hoping for these surprises to stop. However, if you're a bride getting married this winter, we'd suggest you be more prepared to deal with any such bummers. Plan to ensure you are ready for everything that winter 2021 brings to your wedding. If you haven't already, load up on the winter accessories for your wedding so that you are not the bride shivering in a corner, but the one enjoying every moment of her big day to the fullest. Here are some of the winter accessories that'll help you keep warm while also upping your fashion quotient at your dream wedding day. 

Trending Winter Accessories For Brides-To-Be

Classic Accessories That Winter Brides Must-Have

1. A Velvet Double Dupatta Drape

While the double dupatta look is a big fad amongst millennial brides, it can also be a great saviour during winters and keep you warm. 

2. A Warm Colour Coordinated Shawl 

If you think a shawl will kill your look, we'd disagree. In fact, if you plan and find the prettiest colours to match your outfit, a shawl can not just save you from the cold but also enhance your wedding look. Meha Bhargava, Founder & CEO Styl.Inc says, "Brides, don't forget to keep an embroidered shawl handy for the winter weddings." 

Basic Winter Accessories vis-a-vis Indian Wedding Outfits

3. Thermals/Warmer Under Indian Outfits

While we know that you have opted for stylish, open and breezy blouses, a winter accessory that you can invest in is warmers or thermals under your lehenga, gown or saree that'll at least protect your legs from freezing amidst all the madness. 

4. Customised Socks For The Bride

Whatever your outfit might be, look for a pair of socks that can cover your feet and not let the cold settle in. From sheer to woollen, your options are unlimited.

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5. A Sexy Pair of Gloves

While we understand that wearing woollen gloves might be a no for most brides, there is an option to choose a sexier pair of gloves that sort of shields your hand while also making you look pretty. 

Trendy Accessories for an Indo-Western Look

6. Leather/Denim Jackets With Lehenga

If you're a bride who is not afraid of experimenting with your looks, go all in for a swaggy look and add a leather or denim jacket to your lehenga that keeps you warm. 

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7. A Formal Blazer As a Saviour 

Here's the perfect example of a bride who decided to play by her own rules and opted to wear a pantsuit for her intimate wedding. Ladies, take a cue and add that blazer as a winter accessory that'll keep you warm and stylish. 

8. Long Capes To Cover Yourself

While we know you want to look trendy and hot for your wedding functions, the winter accessory that can make that possible while keeping you warm are these pretty capes.

Quirky Winter Accessory Choices Brides Will Love 

9. A Bohemian Silk Headband 

While this might look more like a style to you, the fact is that a silk headband is the perfect winter accessory for your Mehndi outfit to keep your head warm and save you from the cold. 

10. Boho-Chic Boots Under Lehenga 

With the whole Indianised version of western fashion coming into the country, if you're a bride that wants to wear a statement-making style, opt for designer boots under your lehenga and be the fashionista at your wedding.

Winter Accessory Ideas From Western Weddings That Could be a Hit 

11. Fur Shawls For Your Gowns

While we love our Indian Pashminas equally, the fur shawls have a charm of its own when paired with a cocktail gown. So if the drinks don't keep you warm enough, you know what will.

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12. Cute Ear Muffs For The Wind

If you're anticipating cold breezes in open venues, look for a cute pair of earmuffs to protect your ears while being a style statement in itself. 

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13. Bridal Jewellery That Goes Well Your Bridal Lehenga 

Meha Bhargava, Founder & CEO Styl.Inc suggests a few ways of how you can pair dazzling jewellery with your lehenga. "If you already possess a vintage, ancestral or heirloom jewellery piece then you can decide your wedding lehenga accordingly. But if you are yet to buy your wedding jewellery, we would suggest the other way round. So that you do not restrict your dream lehenga to your jewellery." Also, she recommended the following pointers that a bride-to-be needs to follow for her upcoming winter wedding. 

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The type of jewellery depends completely on the style of your outfit and colour, which are as follows: 

  • If it’s the typical traditional red with gold embroidery, polka, as well as Kundan, would do justice to the royal look. Satladas or rani haars are also majestic and classy.
  • If you’re experimenting with lehenga colours say blues, greens, purples etc. then you may match the colour of the stones in your polka/Kundan set to the colour of your attire.
  • If you’re going for those unique contemporary lehengas i.e florals, boho patterns, blocks or prints- then you can go for diamond jewellery as well to give it an entire modern new-age bride look.
  • If you’re going for a traditional Banarasi saree/lehenga or kanjeevaram saree look, then gold or temple jewellery would be perfect. A Jadau set looks ethereal with Banarasi outfits.

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14. Velvet Potli To Give A Royal Look 

"Traditional colours potlis are your go-to for any wedding. You could invest in one velvet potli to give a royal look to your outfit in winters," said Meha Bhargava, Founder & CEO Styl.Inc. 

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So, have you loaded up on these winter accessories yet? Tell us HERE which out of these are you counting on the most to keep you warm.

13+ Winter Accessories Every Bride Needs to Keep Herself Warm With

by Chinar Ghorawat

13+ Winter Accessories Every Bride Needs to Keep Herself Warm With