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“Will You Be My Bridesman?” | Read How This Bride Invited Her Guy Friends In The Most Creative Way!

Sanchita Kalra, 21 Sep 2016

If you’re getting married, who would listen to all your whims and fancies if not your girlfriends? Maybe, your guy friends? Yes, that’s exactly why Shifa asked her guy friends, “Will you be my bridesman?”. But quite honestly, I was somewhat surprised with this new term. Bridesmaids toh theek hai but bridesman?

Will you be my Maid Of Honour- Shifa's Invite

Yes, bridesman is a word that Shifa found on the net while looking for a way to describe her guy friends who are as close as bridesmaids. And why not? It’s 2016 and we don’t need to feel embarrassed to acknowledge that we have more guy friends and less of girl friends, hmm, aap kaunse civilisation se ho?

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As new-age brides, a lot of us are influenced by Western culture so much that we have even borrowed wedding ideas from their culture. We throw a bachelorette party or watch couples read out vows to each other or see bridesmaids dressed in colour-coordinated outfits. And hey, I am not complaining!

Our bride Shifa was inspired by one such familiar western tradition–that of asking her best friends “Will you be my Maid of Honour?”. As Shifa is a sucker for personalised gifts, the option of approaching a service provider or outsourcing the gifts was immediately cut out. What did she do then?


Shifa put together some easy and fun DIY ideas. She ordered pretty floral paper bags from AliExpress and shredded some colourful sheets of paper to form confetti that she then placed at the bottom of those bags.


For bridesman, she also added:

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  • A personalised hip flask engraved with each friend’s name
  • A miniature bottle of alcohol
  • A self-designed card saying, “Will you be my bridesman?”

For the bridesmaids, Shifa had asked them to choose between accessories or alcohol. The bridesmaids bag contained:

  • A personalised hip flask engraved with the friend’s name
  • A handmade dreamcatcher in shades of coral (the colour theme of the wedding)
  • Earrings/bracelets or alcohol
  • A self-designed card saying, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and “Will you be my Maid of Honour?”


What made Shifa go the extra mile? The bride feels that the culture we come from doesn’t really let us put our friends in the picture. And it’s true that throughout the wedding events, we only pay attention to family members and tend to forget our friends. But the reality is that friends are the ones who help you the most. They make sure you grab a quick bite, help you touch up your makeup and take care of the lehenga.

Your friends don’t know how special they are and it’s time we treat our friends just like family, not just on social media but in real life too. Here’s to including them in the wedding party—yes our guy friends too—and finally giving them the attention that they deserve!


PS: Here’s a picture that Shifa’s bridesman shared on his social media after receiving the gifts. See, all the hard work and effort that she put into it really paid off!

Featured Image Courtesy: Anant Singhal/Happy Pictures