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Confused whether to Buy or Rent Your Bridal Lehenga? We Got you Solved!

Divya Arora, 07 Feb 2019

The one aspect of getting married that really gets every bride-to-be excited and overwhelmed in anticipation is undoubtedly her bridal lehenga. As much of a statement fad your bridal jewellery or bridal makeup is, your bridal lehenga is the ultimate game changer and basically, defines your entire bridal look. No wonder amidst all the wedding and trousseau shopping, hunting for that lehenga of your dreams is the most challenging.

Of all the choices you make while lehenga shopping, "should I buy or rent a bridal lehenga" is probably the most difficult one that you got to break through. And of course, an essential one as well. Considering how the entire 'bridal lehenga on rent vs buying' task is super taxing and confusing for all you brides-to-be, we're here to ease out that process for you.

We've enlisted some aspects you should take note of while deciding upon buying or renting your bridal lehenga. These tips would help you with some clarity and aid you in deciding amongst the two options.

If you've been in a fix as to which is better—buying or renting your bridal lehenga then read on!

Bridal Lehenga on Rent vs Buying—Things to Keep in Mind While Deciding

1. Budget for lehenga

One of the key aspects to give proper thought to while planning on your bridal lehenga is to have an estimated budget in mind. Only after that go for your lehenga hunting and try not to exceed that budget. Of course, how much you want to spend on your bridal lehenga is completely your choice. But having a set budget would help you choose and decide if you want to buy or rent your lehenga under that budget itself.

2. Reuse Value of the bridal lehenga

There are of course certain tricks and ways to restyle your bridal lehenga that makes it reusable in the long run. Being able to turn your bridal lehenga into a unique and statement-making fresh ensemble would surely make this investment of yours worth it. If you're all in for this and the precious attire that you'd be choosing can be utilized in new and gorgeous ways then go buy one RN!

3. A memorable keepsake

While a rented bridal lehenga has to be returned and all that's left are its photos, the one that you buy is undoubtedly going to end up becoming a momento and a remembrance of one of the best times of your life. The choice is totally yours if you want to have it for life or you're more than happy with just the pictures.

4. Desire a designer bridal lehenga?

We know how so many of you women desire to slip into a "Kareena wala designer lehenga" for your wedding and well, why not?! But, if your budget doesn't allow you to buy a designer piece then fret not because you can always rent one. It's that simple.

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5. Latest and updated designs & styles

One sure shot proof buying a bridal lehenga is the fact that you'd get to choose amidst varied new and updated designs and styles. Whereas, while renting a bridal lehenga the choices of latest designs is considerably less as the rental stores don't update their collections steadily.

6. Aftercare of the lehenga

All that aftercare of your lehenga is yes, a bit of a hassle. From having it cleaned time & again and refolded once every while to avoid damage at the creases to make sure it's taken out of the box frequently for fresh air and sunlight, your lehenga demands a lot. If this gets a bit of a task for you then renting a bridal lehenga should be your go-to. But, if you're all up for pampering your lehenga happily the choice is simple!

7. Time taken

While hunting for the perfect bridal lehenga, buying one is considerably time-consuming as opposed to renting one because of the available options. Set your timeline for all the wedding preps and for lehenga shopping too and suit yourselves.


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