Your wedding day can be a day full of all sorts of surprises right from last-minute changes to fashion emergencies. It is for these unwanted situations which occur at the worst possible time that we recommend being ready. Now, we leave other food or decor related situations for you to figure out but what we have managed to do today is that we’ve figured out how to deal with the last-minute fashion emergencies. You need bridal safety pins for all your wedding functions to keep your outfits intact and today we have figured out which designer bridal safety pins you can invest in to stay prepared for a sudden situation. Brides-to-be, simply scroll below to get hands-on these!

Best Designer Bridal Safety Pins To Buy Online

1. Masaba’s Pearl Bridal Pins Are A Must Have!

A while back, designer Masaba had introduced a collection of the most beautiful pearl safety pins which are a must-have if you’re a bride who is soon going to tie the knot. These pins are very pretty, chic and will match perfectly with your Indian wear. No matter what colour outfit you are planning on wearing, you can easily pair Masaba Gupta's safety pins with them! 

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹4,000

2. Rose Gold Bridal Safety Pin 

Rose gold is such a trending colour. It’s the perfect combination of pink and gold. And, if you are looking for some element on your bridal look where you can incorporate this colour, then we suggest you get hands-on this pretty rose gold safety pin that we came across online. It’s perfect for you to-be-brides who are suckers for all things pink. The undertone of gold in this safety pin is totally worth the hype!

Source Eassy Cart

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹643

3. Bridal Safety Pin That Matches Your Bridal Outfit

While you can always invest in those plain safety pins to safeguard your bridal lehenga or saree but you should definitely look at those bridal pins which at least match the colour of your outfit so that it looks well. While the plain silver ones aren’t bad but we have better ones for you that you should definitely buy for your wedding day. One look at this kind of safety pin and you’re gonna be head over heels for this bridal pin!

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹320


4. Golden Pearl Bridal Pins For The Big Day

Another great colour of a safety pin to buy for the wedding outfits has to be gold especially if you’re donning gold jewellery with those outfits. The safety pin would gel so nicely with your gold jewellery that you’d be making a statement and being comfortable while at it. Brides, the pearls are just going to add the glam factor to your outfit. Isn’t this accessory just perfect for the big day?

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹599

5. Angel Winged Bridal Safety Pins

Ladies, if you’re hunting for fancier options when we talk about bridal safety pins, we say that your search ends right here because we’ve managed to find a really fancy yet chic bridal safety pin which has angel wings on it. Perfect to keep your bridal outfits intact, this safety pin is a must-have. It’s got a perfect neutral silver which will easily go with all your outfits! 

Source Eassy Cart

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹540

6. Embellished Bridal Safety Pin For Embellished Outfits

There must be at least one such outfit in your wedding outfits which would have some sort of embellishment done on it. For those outfits, in particular, we suggest you buy a pack of embellished bridal safety pins. Ladies, this is the perfect add-on for both comfort and fashion. And, if you’re looking for something that’s embellished in gold then we might have hit the nail with this one. Scroll below and see for yourself!

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹400

7. Rhinestone Bridal Safety Pins 

Another sort of embellishment that we see a lot of during the wedding season has to be rhinestones and to match that work you need accessories which have rhinestones too. While your jewellery obviously cannot focus on rhinestones, your bridal safety pin sure can and that’s exactly why we have included one of these in our list of fancy bridal safety pins. Take a look at yourself to see these beautiful pins!

Source Etsy

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹496

8. Unique Style of Bridal Safety Pin

Now that you’ve seen so many bridal safety pin options, it is time to wow you to-be-brides with something amazing. Presenting this unique style of the bridal safety pin that you must have never seen before. This is so unique that you should definitely get a few of these for your wedding day to stand out. No other bride would have worn such styling safety pins and this happens to be a golden opportunity for you! 

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹298

9. Golden Safety Pin With Loops

Simplicity is key for a lot of you and we completely understand that. That’s why just for you special ladies who embrace the concept of, 'less is more' we have found this stunning bridal safety pin which is subtle but has an element of little loops on them. We strongly recommend getting a few of these because of how unique and pretty these are. You’d hardly be able to find these anywhere else dear to-be-brides!

Source Etsy

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹279

10. A Whole Lot of Extra On the Bridal Safety Pin

Ladies, we have kept the best one for the last. As soon as we laid eyes on this particular bridal safety pin, we knew we had to include it in the list so that all you to-be-brides who enjoy extra can make the most of this accessory which is also a necessity on your wedding day. We love how it has elements of both pearl and embellishments. It’s simply beautiful, no?

Source Eassy Cart

Buy HERE || MRP: ₹558


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Where to buy Designer Bridal Safety Pins From For Your Wedding Day!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Where to buy Designer Bridal Safety Pins From For Your Wedding Day!