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When Your Best Friend Is A Wedding Photographer: Rashika & Sahil's Candid Moments From The Lens Of Lakshya Chawla

Neha Garg, 04 Jun 2015

Rashika and Sahil, the childhood sweethearts, recently exchanged vows in a holy matrimony. They met 10 years ago at the IIT coaching centre in Kolkata, and through mutual friends, they became acquaintances and then love was certainly the step ahead. They went to Bangalore, and their college was nearby that gave them a chance to talk, and meet more often. With years of friendship and love, they finally decided to tell their respective parents and make it official. They loved everything, from a Pink Party (Bachelorate Party), to Cocktail, Mehendi and Wedding celebrations. But the most they loved, when her best friend, Lakshya Chawla became her wedding photographer. Not officially, but yes, as a beautiful gift to our beautiful bride, Rashika.

She says, I can’t thank Lakshya enough for beautifully flashing and restoring the wonderful moments, which are saved for a lifetime and dips for sometime (chuckles). He is a truly amazing friend, a soulful human being and is gifted with an artistic talent, Photography. His first and very last love!

Here are some of the pictures taken from Lakshya’s camera:

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lakshya Rahiska   Lakshya Rashika 1

Lakshya friends

Lakshya Sahil Lakshya 6   

Lakshya 4

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 Lakshya board    11312592_10153332512385420_8320838541188264627_o

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Here is what Lakshya Chawla has to tell about the story behind these beautiful pictures:

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Rashika is a very close friend of mine, we did our Post Graduation together. I know Sahil from quiet a good time too, he is a wonderful person, and seeing them together is an amazing feeling. A few weeks before her special day, she asked, would you be interested to cover my wedding? In less than a second, I said Obviously Yes, but then I won’t be able to enjoy my best friend’s wedding. She then hired another photographer for her wedding day. I carried my Camera along, because I wanted to gift her something that she will savor throughout her life. I clicked some really crazy moments of Rashika and our friends. I loved clicking her special moments, and the smile on her face after seeing the pictures has made my efforts seem worth.

There were a number of functions that guests enjoyed at the wedding. One of them was Pink Theme Party, which was done in a very entertaining and exciting, especially organized for the close friends and family. The party had everything, Mustaches, Gajra, Fancy Cocktails, Photo Booth for instant photos, Astrologer, Mehendi man, Nail art counter and a lot of things. There were candy floss and bubble blowers too. Same day there was a Bachelorate Pool Party in the evening too, it had a Hawaiian theme, hence the dress code was and decor was 'Floral'.

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photographer  (9)

photographer  (5)

photographer  (2)   photographer  (3)

Rashika on her darling husband, Sahil:

He’s a complete sweetheart- very loving, extremely irritating at times (chuckles), but super romantic and pampering. 

Shaadisaga wishes Rashika and Sahil a very happy and blissful journey ahead!


Traditional Photography: Swarup Das and Team

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Candid Photography: Lakshya Chawla & Abby Abdullah

Makeup Artists: Abhijeet Chandra and Chanda

Bride's Sangeet Attire: Tequila Rose by Pooja Prasad

Bride's Wedding Attire: Studio AV by Abhinandan

Groom's Wedding Attire: ALok Baid