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When West Meets East: Wedding Story of Payal and Ambarish Shot By WhatKnot Photography

Neha Garg, 17 Sep 2015

Give us a typical “Two States” wedding and we’re head over heels! The wedding of Research Scientist Payal Pradhan and Business Analyst Ambarish Khopkar was no less than a Bollywood film showcasing the holy matrimony in a swing. Full of fervor, love, and excitement, Payal and Ambarish’s wedding story is every bit as interesting as their fusion wedding rituals. Let’s take a look at this wicked “arranged” blend between the West with the North, as narrated by both the bride as well as the groom. But first, we have some interesting things to read for you guys. We at Shaadisaga decided to have some fun of our own too! We organized a quick Rapid Fire round for both the bride as well as the groom, and shot some questions at them to answer with all their honesty. Who fared better? Let’s find out: 

Mr.Husband on his Mrs.Complete


What is her favorite color?

Anything but black and white.

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One thing she always has with her when she leaves home, except her phone and cash.

Moisturizer, face powder and mirror.

Her favorite perfume?


One thing she loves about you?

My smile..that’s what she told me.

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This one’s a little tough, but who is more dominating between the two of you?

This is a super tricky question, haha! But, I would say, her.

Not bad Mr. Husband, you know her quite well! 

Now, it's time for Mrs.Wife to tell us about her Mr.Opposite


What is his favorite color?

Anything in shades of gray/blue/white.

One thing he can’t live without? (Of course, except YOU)

His Laptop :/

Tell us about one of his embarrassing moments, which makes you laugh!

There way too many to mention! xD

One thing he loves about you?

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The fact that I’m independent, and overly enthusiastic.

This one’s a little tough, but who is more dominating between the two of you?

Haha. Me, and dominating? No. Never. ;)

Well, this was super fun, isn't it?

Love marriage or an arranged? Payal narrates the story in her words:


It was very well arranged, to fall in love. When Ambarish’s proposal came for the first time, I was like, hmmm surely, I can meet him. We met In New Jersey, where he had come specially to meet me from Denver. We met, and talked for what felt like hours. I think, it was me who just kept on talking (not that he doesn’t talk, but am not sure if I gave him any chance to). By the time we wrapped up, everything was different. There was no awkwardness that can come so easily in case of arranged marriages at first. We are poles apart in our nature, and our friends will vouch for that. But, that’s what was exciting, according to me. We look at things differently, try newer things, and appreciate what the other one does. It’s been a while since we know each other, but to this day, we still amaze each other. I was trying to do things the way he wanted, and he started doing the same too. From talking over the phone to Skype calls, we looked forward to each meeting like it was our first time together. Both of us absolutely love travelling too!


Makeup Artist Farhan Ifte on the lovely bride, Payal She is amazing to work with, I have put my 100% effort to give her the look she desired on her special day. She has got beautiful features, enhancing them was a great experience!

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DSC_1597   DSC_0419

ADI_0399   IMG_8122

Payal on her Makeup Artist, Farhan Farhan had a team of 4 and they all did a splendid job. We had requested them to arrive really early on the wedding day @ 2.30am, they were sharp on time and did the whole make up on time and so perfect!!!!! Loved it!

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Payal and Ambarish’s wedding was full of interesting moments. They smile, and reminisce their favorite moments as follows:


Payal: During one of the rituals, my brothers were supposed to twist the groom’s ears and tell him to take care of their sister. Usually, people do it just for the sake of it, but my brothers literally twisted Ambarish’s ear so bad, it was a total ROFL moment! That, according to me, was my favorite moment of the wedding. Ambarish: Her sisters wanted to steal my shoes as a ritual. Instead, they ended up stealing my brother’s shoes. They were not sure where to hide those and ended up hiding them in the refrigerator. Haha!

ADI_0083 (1)     ADI_0408

We simply love the photography by Whatknot! Payal can’t help but be all smiles for the photographers: Oh, they are such a humble team! Ambarish is very conscious about getting clicked, and I doubt anyone else could’ve done a job as amazing as this team. I can’t thank them enough.

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And now, a few words from the bride and groom to each other. Brace yourself for some aww-someness:

Payal: Ambarish is such a fun-loving guy! He doesn’t let others come to know if he’s worried. But when he does, he can go from calm to angry in a few split seconds, haha! Hates getting clicked, unlike me who’s ever-ready to pose. He can talk about anything ranging from politics to finance, and romance. Ambarish: She's very pretty, outgoing, and outspoken. I love her because she says what is there in her heart. She’s highly attached to her friends, who are like family to her. I also adore her for striking a perfect work-life balance.

ADI_0016   ADI_0132

The Photographer, on the couple:  Weddings are all about happy faces and a shy bride. But what happens when the bride is elated and excited to an extent that she keeps smiling, blushing and laughing all the time? Simple - We get some wonderful pictures. The couple looked so madly in love that their sheer chemistry during the rituals helped us capture some precious moments. We wish them all the happiness.

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The Reception Day

Payal whatknot (1)    Payal whatknot (2)

A thank you note from the couple

I haven’t thanked my family ever, because they love me, but for this they deserve an applause. They made sure they catered to every whim and fancy we had. I was happily sitting in US till very last min and just ordering I want it to be like this and like that. All the friends, relatives who supported them during that phase am thankful too. A girl's wedding is such a big task for parents, and they made sure, everything is just perfect.  They were worried for every small detail and everyone who were there with them, it means a lot to me. Thank you to each and every one!


A sneak-peak at their Honeymoon Pictures

Honeymoon (1)   Honeymoon (3)


Photographer: Whatknot Photography

Makeup Artist: Farhan Ifte

Shaadisaga wishes this 'opposite attracts each other' couple, a life full of adventures and new things!

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