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When Two Wedding Planners Planned Their Own Wedding: Real Wedding Story of Shristi and Abhimanyu

Neha Garg, 25 Nov 2015

What happens when two wedding planners tie the knot? Chaos, mayhem, and mismanagement take a backseat, and you rest assured, feeling accomplished and happy. This, we reckon, is exactly what might have happened at Shristi Joshi and Abhimanyu Aggarwal’s wedding. Both wedding planners by profession, Shristi and Abhimanyu operate under the brand “VPLAN Unlimited”, and planned their own wedding. How frickin’ cool is that? Their wedding comprised of four key events, starting with a pool party with sangria, and beer, the Mehendi that featured live music and performers, the Cocktail Party, which they set up with beautiful LED lights and crystals, and of course, a traditional wedding. We caught up with Shristi to share insights about the nitty-gritties of the most important day of her life. Grab a cup of cocoa, sit back, and read up on as we walk you through it all:

Pool Party

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pool   Pool party 1

 So, was theirs a love marriage or arranged? Shristi says: Oh, ours was a complete love marriage! Abhimanyu is my brother’s best friend and so, that’s how we met. We walked back the Mumbai Floods 2005 together, and from there the story started.


Mehe  Mehendii

Mehndi 2

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Mehndi 1

That’s… a long time, eh? We asked Shristi if she remembers that one thing about Abhimanyu that made her instantly fall in love with him: Well, I was 16 when I saw him first and fell in love immediately. What do you call that? Love at first sight? I guess ours was it, then. 



Cocktail 2   047A9189

Cocktail 1

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Cut to the wedding, we couldn’t help but ask her about some of the most exciting moments in the wedding. She reminisces with a smile: After the varmala, when Abhimanyu and I were walking towards the mandap, I heard him discussing with his friends about removing his juttis. It was a spur of the moment thing I did - as soon as I heard that, I shouted out to my brothers, intimating them about the war to come, which ended up being one massive battle for the juttis! I can never forget the fun in it. The other moment that stands out for me is the bidai. It was emotional, and pretty over-whelming.

20151124235818 AMR_3142 

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Phera +Reception shaadi  
10882235_394764450699879_5072392466138512707_n Phera

The structure was completely filled with red roses, count must be in thousands.

That the pictures of Shristi and Abhimanyu’s wedding look exquisite is no secret. Surely, the team that brought it all together must be one talented bunch! Shristi talks about each and every one of them with immense gratitude in her heart: AMR_4039

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Reception Stage


IMG_0524 IMG_0443   IMG_1864

Photographer: We had two photographers; both were very helpful and cooperative.

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Lastly, some “Thank Yous” are in order! Shristi says:

I’d keep it short! I’d like to thank my husband (Abhimanyu), my family (Joshi’s), and my in-laws (Aggarwal’s).

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Shaadisaga wishes the happy couple a lifetime of happiness and fun together!