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When Punjab Falls In Love With Gujarat: Neha & Snehal!

Neha Garg, 24 Sep 2015

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worth while" - Franklin P. Jones

Love is just a word until you meet the one that defines it for you, same happened with Neha and Snehal. They were schoolmates and knew each other since they were in class 6, little did they know then, that they will be spending their lives together for eternity, falling in love with each other every day. Their love is wonderfully captured by Harsheen Jammu

Pre-Wedding Shoot

DSC_5573 copy   DSC_5579 copy

DSC_5612 copy   DSC_5654

DSC_5707 copy

Love is love, whether it's dusk or dawn!

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The Mehendi Function

DSC_0708   DSC_0696

These are undeniably the best Mehendi shots that we have ever seen!

DSC_0722 copy

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The Wedding Day!

DSC_5961   DSC_5956

This super-beautiful lehenga is like a dream!

DSC_5996   DSC_6019

IMG_6644   DSC_6338

DSC_6296   DSC_6273

IMG_7107   DSC_6392

Harsheen, the photographer on our couple, Neha & Snehal

They were very co-operative and up for everything we suggested, regardless of how crazy it was. They look so much in love with each other, which can clearly be seen in the pictures. I wish them all the happiness!

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DSC_6440 copy

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And they couldn't take their eyes off each other.... (don't forget to check the background)


A happy family is the one, who laughs together!

IMG_7152   IMG_7223

The Reception Day!



Photographer: Harsheen Jammu Photography

Shaadisaga wishes this beautiful Punjabi-Gujarati duo, more and more smiles for life!