When Destiny Made 2 Doctors Fall In Love: Real Wedding Story of Smriti & Abhay!

Neha Garg, 02 Mar 2016

Sometimes the very best things happen when you least expect it. Just ask Smriti and Abhay, who studied in the same class 11th and 12th, and after school, they moved in their own directions to make the careers. But destiny had planned some twist and turns for their love story. Time brought them in contact again after a year, when they gradually became friends, then better friends and best friends!! Not really knowing this would lead them to spending our lives together. Let’s know them better in the words of Smriti, our bride, whom we asked these questions, and she replied happily!


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12376577_1047969435265194_5995602562153519620_nHow did he propose to you?

Smriti shares, Well, that’s a weird one!! HAHA..in the sense that he didn’t really propose to me. We just realized that we couldn’t spend a day without sharing it with each other. But then we again got busy studying our days off to crack the post graduate entrance exams (it’s not easy becoming a doctor in India, for sure!!) Finally, we both got into our respective MD and MS courses, and it was then when He proposed to me (smiles) …. And then he proposed to me again when we got engaged in 2014, in front of the whole crowd… and then he went down on one knee at our wedding :D


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Haldi Ceremony


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Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi 3Smriti on Shutterink Photography:

I have had Nitin and Sandeep take our pictures at our engagement, pre wedding and the wedding. It was very easy I should say, as I just needed to introduce them to some of my friends and family, and that was it. It was like they had always been there, taking pictures effortlessly, capturing those candid moments. It's great looking at the pictures. I think pictures are for a lifetime, your memories, and though it’s a must for people like us to keep a tight budget,  it's wise to spend  on your wedding photography. 

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Mehendi 1  Mehendi

Sangeet Function

981098_1047969565265181_1573542931336636494_o                           Sangeet 1Shutterink on the couple, Smriti and Abhay

Smriti first connected with Shutterink in Oct 14, when she hired us for covering her ring ceremony. The photographs turned out beautiful and we loved Smriti and Abhay, as well as the family. She hired us again for covering her big day and we couldn't have been happier. The three days of wedding celebrations were absolutely fun. Both the families were down to earth and very humble. Working with them felt like photographing a dear friend.

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Sanget 2

The Wedding Day

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Smriti on her Makeup Artist, Rabia Grewal:

My wedding make up was done by Ms. Rabia Grewal, from Chandigarh. I just simply loved her makeup. And man, she was quick!I think I was the only bride (that I know of)  who was ready much before the time!! :D


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What was that one thing, you instantly fell in love with him?

His smile, and laughter!


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One moment from the wedding that you would never forget

Oh, there are a hundred of them.. that's a tough one… But one was when I walked down the aisle towards him, surrounded by my lovely sisters, friends and niece, there he was on the stage, blowing me a flying kiss with that smile!

9842_1051387644923373_346204515060381613_n      Vidaai

A Thank You Note:

Well, I want to thank a few people, yes, My MOM and DAD, the most. For always being there!! Always! And even today, and I know I will Always have them backing me up, and my lovely sister. 

Honeymoon (Seychelles)

DSC_0792 DSC_0184 (1)


Shaadisaga wishes this lovely couple, a life full of smiles and togetherness :)