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What Your Hangover Kit Should Look Like (We Found All Kinds of Crazy & Pretty Options!)

Shinjini Chawla, 23 Jan 2017


Whether it's a part of your bachelorette party Welcome Kit or something you pass around before Sangeet night at a destination wedding, hangover kits are a Must-Have for the sake of your friends!

We've already given you the low-down of what goes inside the hangover kit, but what should the kit/basket look like? Here are the best ideas we spotted!

Make A (Witty) Statement

From "Oh Shit Kit" to "You'll Never Know What I Did Last Night", these will leave your friends smirking! :D


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Image Credits: Puneet Gupta Invitations

Or Tell It Like It Is!

With a twist on the wedding vow "in sickness & in health"...

Image Credits: Design Dimensions

...Or make it pretty with this DIY kit!

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Image Credits: The Diary of a Debutante

Be Subtle

So that the oldies can't figure out what you're passing around ;)


Image Credits: Etsy (L) ; Kaspi Party (R) 

Or...The Exact Opposite of Subtle!

For your cray-cray #BrideSquad!

Image Credits: Etsy

Give Some Encouragement

To the friends who are wondering if they will "survive" the night! :)

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Image Credits: The Wedding Crasher

Or Just Keep It Simple

With this first-aid kit that helps with your "ailment"!

Image Credits: Puneet Gupta Invitations

Featured Image Credits: Design Tuk Tuk

Which is your favourite Hangover Kit idea?