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What Do I Give With My Wedding Card? 12 Gifting Ideas That Your Guests Can Reuse!

Nidhi Chaudhary, 06 Feb 2017

As part of our tradition, our Indian parents always insist on giving meetha along with wedding cards, after all meethe ke bina khushiya adhoori! While there are ways to keep your parents happy by gifting something atleast edible with the invite (find some sweet, salty, tangy AND spicy options in the previous post!), there is an entire range of unique gift options that can't be eaten!

Why Non-Edibles? We all want our weddings to have a lasting impression on people and what better way to do that than to give them gifts they can use forever and ever and ever!

1. Baby Plants in Table Pots

Image Credits: Corativa

2. Customised Bookmarks

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Image Credits: Jaira Designs

3. Gotta Patti Pouches


Image Credits: Roshan Mishra Photography

4. Each Guest's Personalised Wax Seal 

Image Credits: Turmeric Ink Invitations and Stationery

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5. Ittar

Image Credits: Jewels Perfume

6. Matchboxes

Image Credits: Bougainvilla Designs Pvt Ltd

7. Bath Spa Along With Essential Oils

Image Credits: Forest Essentials

8. Customised Coasters and Trays

Image Credits: Design Dimensions

9. Customised Keychains

Image Credits: Pinterest

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10. Luggage Tags

Image Credits: Masaba

11. Customised Power Bank/ Pendrives

Image Credits: Etsy

12. Playing Cards

Image Credits: Etsy

Featured Image Credits: Etsy

Which gift would you like to receive along with the wedding invite?

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