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#WeddingGiftingGuide: 8 Things to Gift Couples Celebrating Their First Diwali Together

ShaadiSaga, 07 Oct 2017

Diwali is just around the corner and so is the wedding season. We’re sure you don't want to go empty-handed to a friend’s place who just got married. Since, they've just begun a new phase of life, you can bestow them with some thoughtful gifts that might be useful for them. 

Here are some favours you can pass on as a Diwali gift to the couples who just tied the knot and are celebrating their first Diwali together.

# Gift them a Holiday Gift Card

No number of holidays are enough for the lovebirds! You can buy the holiday gift card here.

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# Beautiful looking Toiletries

With their beautiful new home, they will always require some beautiful house accessories. Gift them this elegant bath set for their powder room from The Label Life

# Quirky Beer and Scotch Glasses

A perfect gift to add to their in-house bar shelf. You can buy it here

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# Portable Speakers

Because nobody can do life without music! Buy it here

# Couple Wrist Watch Set

They would love wearing same watches daily to work. You can buy them here

# Grooming Essentials

Buy these grooming kits from The Body Shop, for both him and her

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  • Venue
  • Makeup Artist
  • Choreographer
  • Mehendi Artist
  • Decorator
  • Bridal Designer
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Invite
Phone Number

# Amazon Echo

For the tech-savvy couples. Splurge on it here

# Travel Bag Set

You can buy it here

Are we missing out on any gifts? Let us know what is gift-worthy according to you, in the comments below.