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#WeddingGiftGuide: Couples Reveal Their Worst Wedding Gifts!

ShaadiSaga, 16 Apr 2017

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This is a continuation of our new series of posts about Wedding Gifts.

The first one was a compilation of all the best gifts received by real couples. This post is a potpourri of all the worst gifts that have been received by Real Couples! While some wedding gifts bring out expressions like, ‘Oh my god, it’s so beautiful’ but then there are some gifts that are quite capable of bringing out “Oh my god! No, not this!”

Well, we went on an asking spree yet again and got to know of all the worst wedding gifts that our real couples still have not been able to forget!


— "For me, the worst gift has to be this humongous (not joking!) glass vase someone gifted me. I had to somehow transport it all the way to India from Dubai!"-Soma

— "Someone gave a weird towel set (and not a nice one). Basically, it was a children’s towel set that was gifted on my wedding. Looked like a baby shower set because it had alphabets embroidered all over it!"-Shirin

— "Fungus infected recycled gift, serving tray" -Shifa

— “I got a lot of household appliances which was not really a great idea because we were moving out to London after marriage and therefore could not take many of them because of weight and voltage issues”- Sujas Rait Parikh

— “A Frooti crate and I don't even like it much”-Mohita

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— “Re-gifts are the worst. I got a set of plastic table-cloth with a card inside it that was addressed to the couple who gifted that tablecloth to me”-Vineeta Grover

— “A saucepan with a dent. Probably a Diwali gift that the person had received and decided to pass on” -Udayan Moitra

— “Someone gave me a ceramic lampshade which we had later sold on OLX and got a good deal out of it” -Mia Chakravarty

— “A Phillips Coffee maker which can only make black filter coffee” -Ankur

— “A book about having babies!” -Soumadipta Roy

— The worst gift I remember was a saree with the laundry tag hanging from it. Someone had just washed an old saree, wrapped it in a fancy package and given it away” -Rashmi Guha Ray

— “A T-shirt from someone who had got it from a mountaineering club. It had the logo and everything in place” -Arnab Chakraborty

So, now you definitely know what you shouldn't be gifting! ;)