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#WeddingGiftGuide: 8 Travel Gifting Ideas For Newly-Weds (Honeymoon Special!)

Ashita Jain, 01 Sep 2017

After months of stressful wedding planning, your best friend who is getting married needs a much relaxing getaway but hardly has time and energy for honeymoon shopping.

So, why don’t you do a favour and relieve them (bride or groom) from at least this stress and help them sail through their honeymoon with ease? Gift them some honeymoon essentials and let them know you care. Apart from shopping for clothes and other necessities, we picked out products that are most useful while travelling!

The couple will forever be grateful to you for not just saving them from the shopping trouble but also because these are perfect items for every travel getaway they plan!

You can gift these products individually or even combine some of them and make a gift basket depending on the budget.

#1 Travel Pillow and Eye Mask

Make their journey a lot more comfortable with these quirky travel pillows and matching eye masks so that they can hop on to any bus, train or plane without any concern and they can have a blissful sleep on all those journeys! Buy here.

Source Chumbak

#2 Passport Covers

Fuel their wanderlust with these amazing pastel coloured passport covers. They’ll help the passports from wear and tear while adding some personality to their trip. Buy here.

#3 Luggage Tags

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It’s often the little things which make big difference. Give their bags a different identity by gifting them these pretty bag tags so that it's even recognizable from a distance (baggage belt queues, ugh!) Buy here and here.

[1] Source Propshop24 [2] Source Propshop24

#4 Travel Size Toiletries   

Toiletries create a very tricky packing situation because she doesn’t want to leave anything behind which she uses on regular basis. Moreover, it's also a task to find the right size and shape of products for travelling. So gifting this toiletry kit will make her ready to go anywhere. Buy here.

#5 Travel Pouch and Bags

These travel pouches and bags create a style statement while being organised with these travel pouches and bags. Buy here and here.

[1] Source Love This Stuff [2] Source Sugar Box

#6 Makeup Pouch

This super funky makeup pouch will be of great help for her because after all, you need to put all your cosmetics in one place! Buy here.

Source Papeljam

#7 Customised Slippers

These super comfy customized slippers will be much relaxing for them after a day’s long travel also giving others couple goals. Buy here.

#8 Transparent Tote

Rain, shine or snow, this white transparent tote is perfect for your beach holiday, monsoon getaway or a snowy paradise. This striped tote updates waterproof fashion. Buy here.

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Which one are you planning to gift? Tell us below!