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#WeddingGiftGuide: 14 Unique & Thoughtful Wedding Gifting Ideas

ShaadiSaga, 21 Jun 2017

If you’re attending a wedding in your family or of your friends it is crucial to present them with a special yet useful gift. The newly-wed couple needs a lot of essential items to start their fresh life and thus making your gift useful to them is extremely essential.  

If you are puzzled as to what to buy for the couple we are here to help!

We have created this extensive list of items that would make perfect wedding gifts.

They are all easily available online or in Indian markets.

Essentials for groom's grooming (because it needs to be done post-wedding too!)

If the newly-wed couple is moving to a new house after the wedding, here are some gifting ideas:


Pretty and cute kitchen items 

For the couples who love to travel

Source Nappa Dori
Source Nappa Dori

Post wedding means a lot of dinners (and drinks!)

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Which gift idea did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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