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Fun to Emotional: 50+ Groom Portrait Ideas for Every Type of Groom

Anupriya Khanna, 01 Sep 2019

Search for quirky bridal portraits or maybe some fun solo poses for brides and the internet is brimming with endless inspiration to pour you with. But what about the grooms? Do you ever find good enough ideas for groom portraits or end up getting the same old ‘behind-the-scene’ shots? 

Grooms are as much an imperative part of the wedding album (and the wedding day) as their counterparts. However since brides take all the limelight, they’re often put to the back seat. So we took out some time from our daily routines to fetch out the most amazing & iconic groom portraits for you. From those timeless yet impactful ‘first look’ groom portraits, the spontaneous ones captured during the wedding shenanigans to the mandatory ‘getting ready’ shots, there are all sorts of crazy & hep groom portraits to take down ideas from.

Scroll through, save your favourites and make sure you’re well documented on your wedding day. After all, you don’t get to marry more than once!

 Best Wedding Groom Portraits your Wedding Album is Incomplete Without!

Who says only brides can get clicked while flaunting their wedding ensemble?

Get captured while you pen down those personalized wedding vows!

Quintessential groom portraits? Well, here's one that you just can't miss!

Some fun haldi shots post your haldi celebrations are a must have.

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For dapper grooms who are all about poise & panache! 

We can't decide what we like more-the groom or the breathtaking groom portrait.

Source Mili Ghosh

Oh, and how can you let your photographer miss capturing this aww-worthy moment through his lens?

Source Popsugar

Sometimes all you've gotta do is look straight into the camera & simply pose.

The mandatory getting ready shots!

How about something so real & imperfect like these groom portraits? They're super raw!

Black and white shots have their own charm!

Stand out from the crowd because you're the groom.

Let your photographer do some magic while you groove at your baraat!

Source The Rana's
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The perfect 'Sehra Saja Ke Rakhna' shot for all the Bollywood junkies.

What's a groom portrait without some fun?

Poser alert! Here are some shots for grooms who wouldn't mind getting a little posey.

When in doubt, add a few elements to your composition & strike a pose!

This intriguing groom portrait has our heart!

After our darling brides, the handsome grooms too are swearing by the bathtub trend!

One can never say no to such gripping close-up shots! What say?

A portrait while you make a lit entry on your D-day!

Break the internet with a blazing portrait like this!

That final check before you head to the altar!

One like the Sabyasachi models

Source Mili Ghosh

Lastly, Here's a fun groom portrait for all the hookah lovers!


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