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Wedding Planning Tips From Hazel Keech | The Newest Bride In Town

ShaadiSaga, 06 Dec 2016

You want to have glowing skin and an absolutely fit and fine body on your big day. But ladies, it’s not that easy! There’s a lot of hard work and effort that goes into it.  When we spoke to Hazel Keech, she revealed some of her fitness and skin secrets plus some key lessons she learnt during her wedding planning! Here’s what we got:

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Fitness and Health Hazel says, “When it comes to your wedding, plan it backwards. Get your nails done a day before. Hair done a week before. And diet, start it 6 months before. Go to a nutritionist and check according to your diet, what to eat and what not and when to binge”. “A great way to have glowing skin is to eat a balanced diet but sometimes when I crave a samosa pao, I eat it! Diet also plays a huge role for skin and even stress”, added Hazel.

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Wedding Planning Tips When we asked her about wedding planning, she said, “Remember a week before, switch off your phone. Stay away from everybody. Someone else will handle it but make sure you have people to handle it because one person can't do 100 things and you can't do 100 things too”.

Lessons Learnt During Wedding Planning Hazel told us, “Write everything down. Make lots of spreadsheets. Use apps that help plan wedding. Have as much as help you can from friends and family. And always know every bit of the detail yourself because people will goof up in the end”.

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