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Wedding Pictures Of Brides With Her Siblings Will Leave You in Aww!

Aditi Bachhawat, 02 Feb 2018

They bug you, they fight with you, they annoy the life out of you but they are always there for you. These are dum-dums with whom you have spent one-fourth of your lives! From comforting you after a bad breakup to covering up for you to toasting your first job, they have been there for it all. And you can be sure that once you are married, no matter how much they deny, they are going to miss sharing the bed with you and stealing your food when you aren’t looking. They are going to really miss having you around in the house and so will you!

So, as you both prepare for the big day make sure to click some adorable and fun pictures together, ones at which you can look back and cherish forever. Here are a few pictures of brides with their siblings which we think are absolutely precious. Take cue!

When your sister looks at you the way you look at food

Shot by Story Weavers

Goofing around during Haldi

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Shot by Shades Photography

With your mains in one frame

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Shot by Dipak Studio

When Brothers turned bridesmaids

Shot by Devasyah Studio

When they don’t let you cry during your Vidayi

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Shot by Dipak Studio

You’re next, Bhai!

Shot by SnapSoul

Because she is the stressbuster you’ll ever need

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Shot by Dhanika Choksi Photography

The *I’ll never stop teasing you* grins

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Shot by Vatsalya Films

That one glance says it all

Shot by Stories Unplugged

Okay, I change my mind. I don’t want you to go!

Shot by Wedding Nama

When you finally come to the part you hate

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Shot by Nitin Arora Photography

 With your gorgeous ladies

Shot by Shades Photography

“Guess who was adopted?” LOL

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Shot by Dream Diaries

Prepping you up for the big day

Shot by You by Poonam Kotecha

Sporting Team Bride Robes


Shot by Studio Kelly Photography

 Walking you down the aisle

Shot by Ombre Photography

Hashtag Fam-Bam

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Shot by The Wedding Salad

Tag your crazy yet the best siblings in the world!