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These Wedding Photos of FOODIE Brides are Relatable AF!

Medha Chawla, 16 Nov 2018

Source ShaadiSaga

The excitement and nervousness that the wedding day comes with, it is very common for brides to not feel hungry at all. But then there are foodie brides, who have their priorities set and food tops their list even on the D-day! That's the kind of brides we admire the most—super cool, relaxed and binging on their favorite food. Be it a thin-crust Margherita pizza, cheesy fries or mouth-watering desserts, these brides bank upon food to stay sane on their big day.

And while scrolling our Instagram feeds, we spotted some amazing photos of foodie brides that we couldn't resist sharing with you all. All clad in their heavy attires and jewellery, we love how photographers captured these brides in the moment of their guilty pleasure! Well, if you are also a foodie soul, you would find these photos too relatable.  

Do not say no to Donuts

When cupcakes are bae even on the D-day!

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All the Starbucks lovers will relate!

True foodies can never stop munching!

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Fries before guys, of course!

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Cuz a bride and bridesmaids shoot is definitely incomplete without posing with food!

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Couples who bond over food are the BEST!

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Let me buy my fav pack of Doritos first!

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The joy of relishing pizza on the most special day of your life

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Never without my cup of coffee

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The bride who headed straight to a food store after Pheras!

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But first, food! Everything else can wait

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Making the wedding day sweeter with a chocolate

Oh, and our favorite foodie bride at her bachelorette! *Can't stop eyeing that cake*

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