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20+ Cutesy Outfit Ideas For Your Dogs To Rock At Your Wedding!

Shreya Gupta, 15 Jun 2019

Who doesn’t go 'Aww' and 'Oh my god, so cute!' when they spot their furry friend walking down the aisle wagging their tail and looking at their wedding best. It is no wonder that most of us consider our dogs to be family. So it only makes sense to include them on the most important day of our lives. And as more and more couples are including their four-legged best friends as ring bearers, escorts or as companions, it has become necessary that our pets look stunning too. So why not style your dogs in the most phenomenal way.

As important as it is to involve your dogs at your wedding, it is equally important to dress them up to bring out the best in them as dogs sure are the most photogenic animals of all and you can definitely rock some great photos with your doting buddies. So here we are with some great outfit inspiration for your furballs to look adorable on your special day.

Go ahead and have a look at these cutesy dog outfits!

These brides beautifully coordinated outfits with their little furballs and we are loving it to bits!

Source PajamaSutra
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Source PajamaSutra

Suit them up in a gentlemanly way!

Source MODwedding
Source Bark and Go
Source Orca
Source Bark and Go

What can be better than a dog in a sherwani!

Source Pinterest

These dogs dressed in powder pink netted skirts is a treat for our eyes!

Source Bark and Go
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Or simply accessorize your little munchkin with a floral tiara or a collar tie!

Source Marzipan

What is your dog going to wear on you big day?