Brides-to-be, we know the constant struggle one has to go through to pick the ultimate bridal outfit for the wedding day. This bridal confusion is one that can take up all your time and sometimes even then brides are not able to make a decision. So that’s why today we have decided to decode it for you - What To Wear When: Lehenga vs Saree for the wedding day. From picking the right silhouette to why that specific outfit is right for you, we have the answers ready for you. All you gotta do is scroll below and wear a wedding lehenga or a bridal saree for your dream wedding day. 

What To Wear When: Wedding Lehenga vs Wedding Saree

When to Wear Lehengas

A classic silhouette that can be pulled off on literally any function or any time of the day is no doubt a lehenga. Whether you’re looking for a dressier look or a subtle one for your wedding day, you can very easily go with a lehenga and get your desired look. But wearing this outfit on your wedding day surely has its pros and cons and we have listed down all of them for you! 


  • If you are looking for a traditional look for your wedding day, we suggest you opt for a bridal lehenga. 

  • If you’re looking for a grand and decked up to look for the big day, you can wear this stunning bridal lehenga for the D-day. 

  • Bridal lehengas are easy to carry so you can move around freely in this silhouette. 

  • If you believe in #TwinningIsWinning, then go with a lehenga as you’ll get plenty of design options to choose from to match with your to-be-husband. 

  • No matter what body type you have, a lehenga will look beautiful and elegant on you. 


  • There is not much experimentation when it comes to a lehenga silhouette so your options will be limited. 

  • If you opt for a heavy lehenga on your wedding day, you won’t really be able to don it a lot of times at other peoples’ weddings. 

  • If you’re looking for a budget-friendly outfit then this silhouette might not fall under that category. Bridal lehengas can be a little pricey!

  • There are hardly any lehengas with which you can wear flats. As this silhouette looks elegant only when slightly longer, your only option will be to don bridal heels with it! 

When to Wear Sarees

Another classic silhouette, a saree is a universal outfit option that looks so elegant and can make any woman fall in love with her body. This silhouette is perfect for so many reasons when we talk about weddings that it only feels right to consider this outfit for your wedding day. There are plenty of pros for picking this outfit but there are also a few cons. We’ve listed both down so that you can make the right choice, ladies!


  • A versatile attire, the saree will look absolutely beautiful and stunning on all body types as well as on women who’re either tall or short! 

  • For your post-wedding days, your bridal saree will come in handy for other wedding functions. 

  • There are tons of hairstyle options for you to choose from when it comes to donning a saree. 

  • If you’re planning on wearing heavy bridal jewellery, you should definitely opt for a saree as together the combination will amp up your look. 

  • Sarees are extremely cost-effective. Pretty designer sarees start from 10K only!

  • There are so many ways to drape a saree so you get to experiment with your bridal outfit too! 


  • There is not enough room in this silhouette to freely move around so you might end up getting a tad uncomfortable.

  • To make the saree stay in one place, you’re gonna need tons of safety pins which can be extremely annoying. 

  • Sarees tend to crush easily so your options can get limited when choosing the fabric. 

  • Pallu of a saree can be very easy to carry and your mind will be constantly stuck on this issue. 

  • The jewellery options are minimal, and if you’re planning on donning modern jewellery it will get really challenging to pair it with your bridal saree!

Last Words!

Ladies, no matter what outfit you pick (wedding lehenga or wedding saree), we know you’re gonna look absolutely stunning. So simply go with the silhouette which makes you look the prettiest on your wedding day!


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What To Wear When: Wedding Lehenga vs Wedding Saree

by Shweghna Gursahaney

What To Wear When: Wedding Lehenga vs Wedding Saree